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Jan 11, 2011 12:42 PM

What's your favorite snowed-in comfort food?

When I'm snowed on, there's nothing like a big pot of chili or soup on the stove. That and some sort of grilled cheese sammy or a panini made with whatever I can find in the fridge. I might even make the bread. How about you?

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  1. I know this isn't an original answer, but I almost always have the makings for a pasta and at least three cheeses so that is the dish I would make if snowed in. Along with a bottle of red wine--which I also always have--it would be a nice way to cozy up to the fireplace.

    1. Japanese nabe, shabu shabu, yakiniku, sukiyaki, ramen, udon, soba, oden or ochazuke.

      Other than that, beef stew, braised chicken (cacciatore or arroz con pollo), or a baked rigatoni with eggplant and fresh mozz.

      1. We have lots of snow on the ground for a good six consecutive months of the year so are pretty good at comfort foods. I have so many favourites: coq au vin, pot au feu, cassoulet, chicken and dumplings, chili, Yorkshire pudding and prime rib, steak and ale pie, homemade pasta and gnocchi, slow baked beans, lentil stew with sausage, bangers and mash, braised short ribs with rosemary and chocolate sauce, chicken mole, sticky pork ribs, fried buttermilk chicken, shepherd's pie, fish en papillote...

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          Great list! Would you happen to have a good cassoulet recipe? I had it in a restaurant and it was amazing! Then I tried to recreate it, not amazing at all. There are SO many recipes online and they are all totally different.

        2. in anticipation of the 15-18 inches of snow headed our way, I stopped this morning to get fresh vegetables & stew beef. If I am going to be snowed in tomorrow, I want the aroma of a good beef stew slow-cooking all day as I sit by the woodstove. That, plus I'll make some biscuits, because I just don't see how you can eat beef stew without them.

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            elf: it's all about the aroma!! If I can shovel a path, I'll be over (grin).

            Adam: the snow is starting here now (near Philly), and I have a sudden urge to go out to the local Vietnamese place and get a big bowl of pho.

            1. re: elfcook

              Definitely a good beef stew full of root vegetables served with homemade biscuits--I won't even eat the stew if I can't have the biscuits too.

              Then a nice roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. (That way, if stuck for more than 2 days, there's hot chicken sandwiches and potato cakes.)

            2. i was in new jersey for the day after christmas blizzard, with houseguests arriving on monday.

              for reasons too complicated to explain, we found ourselves with a large quantity of cherry tomatoes and green peppers. made a run to the store sunday morning and to pick up the usual -- bread, eggs, milk -- and 3 pounds of hot and sweet sausage for sausage and peppers.

              then i roasted the tomatoes with onion and garlic, the simmered in chicken stock and rosemary, then pureed for a starter.

              rave reviews!