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Jan 11, 2011 11:35 AM

Surprising Duane Reade Find

Out of sheer desperation, I bought a bag of gluten-free animal crackers at Duane Reade. (yes, I'm ashamed). But they were surprisingly the best animal crackers I've ever had! No lemony or cinnamon flavor, just buttery. They only have 1 gram of fat. The taste was surprisingly home-baked, not artificial. Too bad I bought the last bag, or I would be back to get more! No corn syrup!

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  1. OK, I'll confess that I bought a box of the most yummy maple cream cookies at Duane Reade. Who'd expect that Duane Reade makes good cookies.

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      I also bought some of those Duane Reade "delish" cookies earlier. I think I got the lemon sandwich cookies, or something similar. i agree, they were amazingly good!

    2. Duane Reade is also selling RICH TO RICHES rice pudding
      Saw it at the store on 23rd St. off Third Avenue

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        They also have Goose Island Matilda and Juliet! Who knew!

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            wow! fabulous! is it obnoxiously expensive?

            on another note, i'm thinking of starting a "duane reade finds" thread...

          2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Just discovered the GF animal crackers yesterday as well! I'm on a gluten-free diet, so when I ducked into Duane Reade, I really didn't think I was going to find a safe and decent-tasting snack item, but these surprised me! More cookie-like than cracker-like, and my non-GF friends enjoyed them too.