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Jan 11, 2011 11:29 AM

restaurants near Avalon nightclub Santa Clara


I will be at the Avalon for a concert on 1/21. Just wondering if there were some good places very close by. I know there's a shopping center across the street. Open to different foods - bar & grill, Mexican, Asian, or something else are all possibilities. Not necessarily vegetarian, entrees around 10-15 bucks, casual but not fast food. A certain amount of pleasant ambience would be nice. Ideas? Thanks much!


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  1. Is that the place on Lawrence Expressway? Indian and Korean should have a lot of possibilities. Also, if it's the place on Lawrence, I think there's a Ramen place in the same lot or walking distance.

    1. How far is near? Gochi is about 2 miles away.

      1. Orenchi is a much talked about ramen place in the same shopping center. We went there this past weekend. The place opens at 5:30 but apparently they start taking names prior to that time which is why you see people sitting in their cars staring longingly toward the closed restaurant at 5 PM. It is in your price range.

        Farther down Lawrence Expwy is the Korean food court next to Jang su Jang 3561 El Camino Real. The food court is brisk but not "fast food" :) I haven't tried Jang Su Jang but it was packed when we've looked in there.

        Jang Su Jang
        3561 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

        1. Dasaprakash is an excellent authentic South Indian vegetarian restaurant just about a 1/2 mile away from Avalon in the shopping center at Homestead Rd. and Kiely Blvd. Clean, modern interior design and really good food.

          And if you want to go very casual, for a quick meal that's not fast food, there's an Armadillo Willy's in the same shopping center. Great BBQ, and I love their spicy peanut slaw.