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Jan 11, 2011 11:10 AM

The Company - Farmington, ME

A new restaurant has opened in downtown Farmington. Called "The Company," it specializes in seasonal offerings and extensive beer selections. The tap list numbers 24. I went in for some appetizers and a flight of beers. The flight was a great deal---$8 for five small glasses of beer (forget the exact size). For beer lovers, it's hard to imagine beating this place. I did not have dinner, so won't comment extensively on the food...but the apps we had were pretty good: a nice bruschetta and seafood crepes.

Wine list is also significantly better than almost any place in the area. Not surprising, since the resto is owned by the same folks as Ron's Market.

One thing to point out: the ambiance/interior design is really terrible. It's basically an empty room with no decor into which a dozen wooden tables have been dropped. The only decor to speak of, for some reason, were some Godfather and Goodfellas movie poster leaning against he walls. Wierd. They need to work on this. more amusing note. Everything on the printed menu was misspelled. Crapes, muscles, burchetta, escargo.....we had a great laugh about this. Please folks, invest in a spell checker.

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  1. Can't wait to try their Shemp cocktale and cremm brulay

    1. That spelling is so bad, it has to be a joke!

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      1. If this place isn't "horrible", maybe you should remove/amend your other post. =)

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            I don't know that it's horrible, but it is as bizarre place. The decor consists of two mobster movie posters leaned against the wall.

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              look, you can't have it all in farmington! count your blessings that the beer and apps were good and lighten up!!! :)

              i'm checking this out this weekend!

              1. re: lola22

                Please report back! I haven't been since opening week and it usually takes places a while to work out the kinks.

                1. re: tamerlanenj

                  we didn't make it there after all but had a great breaker at homestead. i will report back when we do.

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                    Well, the wife and I made it back today for a couple of ribeyes. Mussels appetizer was so so at best....watery, bland steaming liquid was disappointing, though the mussels were nice and fresh.

                    The ribeyes looked great coming out but were cooked WAY past medium rare...closer to well done. They were difficult to finish. Bartender offered to bring them back, but we weren't in the mood to wait. They comped a dessert instead: a decent cheesecake.

                    All in all, a disappointing dinner. I did have the burger at lunch last week, however, and it was quite good and cooked perfectly.

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