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Jan 11, 2011 10:25 AM

Bubble Tea place on Parmer?

Anyone try the new tea place on Parmer/Metric? Co-worker told me it was bubble tea. Usually go to Coco's but it drives me nuts that they don't take credit cards. Nice to have one more north and closer to work.

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  1. If you're talking about the Tea Lounge, I was there over the weekend. Cleaner than Coco's. No food though, only teas. This reminds me of what I find in Houston with regard to bubble tea houses. The have lots of cream teas, slurpees, coffees, big tapioca pearls and baby tapioca pearls. Last weekend they were having a BOGO for their grand opening. They only have 1 TV (projection), and 1 public computer and they have some board games. The tea I had (almond cream) was very good.

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      The Tea Lounge on Parmer is the only place I've had bubble tea (see my recent post asking about other sources of bubble tea). I've tried 4 flavors so far--with great satisfaction. They have a 'rewards' card that you can get stamped each time--to earn a free tea, I think, after 10 purchases. Staff was friendly and helpful. They have a huge selection!