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Jan 11, 2011 09:49 AM

Bialetti ceramic nonstick

anyone have experience with these to share? Good reviews on commercial sites but I'd love a good review. I'd love a great Teflon alternative.

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  1. Maybe a little late for you, but, I highly recommend them! There was a sale in Canada at Zeller's this past week and I picked up a small fry pan to test out (will use at work now) and a full package of various fry pans/pots all at 55% off. For the price I paid I was very impressed on the fry pan so decided to keep the whole set. So far I used the small sauce pot last night to make some sauce and used the fry pan a few times. I made an omelette today without any fat/oil/etc at all and it came out perfectly and nothing stuck at all.

    I am just a bit worried that some new science will come and and show that this stuff is "toxic" to or somehow bad for your health!

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    1. re: ylsf

      I've had really great results with Swiss Diamond nonstick (teflon alternative) fry pans.

      I own a nonstick fry pan by Sitram, sold as the Sitram Cybernox line (teflon alternative). Looks like regular stainless steel, but has better nonstick properties...although not as good as regular nonstick. It's not the best for omelettes, but great for veggies and searing, etc. We'll call it a semi-nonstick fry pan.

      Yeah, I wonder about the toxicity of the newest nonstick cooking surfaces. The Bialetti ceramic nonstick pans sound interesting!

      1. re: amoncada

        I went to Bialetti's website and their ceramic frying pans are made using nano technology. Nano particles are so small they can lodge in vital organs or cross the blood brain barrier if they are ingested. No one seems to have done any testing to see if these coatings are durable or end up in your cooked food eventually. I guess they want consumers to be guinea pigs....

        1. re: peteri

          I bought the Bialetti covered saute pan in March. It was AMAZING... for a while. Gradually, food starting sticking, until now, just 5 months later, it's totally useless as a nonstick pan. I'm hoping I can "re-season" it somehow, but now I'm also wondering about the safety of it...

          1. re: kimmiles

            I haven't bought any ceramic frying pans yet, as I'm still researching them. Did the Bialetti get scratched to cause it to stick? I personally wouldn't continue to use it if the ceramic coating is starting to wear away, as you may be ingesting these tiny particles. Glazed ceramics is an alternative to nano coatings, but then you have to ensure that it is from a reputable company and that it doesn't contain high levels of lead in the glaze

            1. re: peteri

              There are no visible scratches, but it sticks like crazy anyway. I've stopped using it, and will go back/forward to good old cast iron. Enough silly frou-frou cookware for me! :o)

            2. re: kimmiles

              It was AMAZING... for a while. Gradually, food starting sticking, until now, just 5 months later, it's totally useless as a nonstick pan.

              This seems to be the story with all ceramic coated fry pans. Amazon reviews and threads here on CH all say the same thing as you: "Great for 5 - 6 months, and then...."