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Jan 11, 2011 09:31 AM

What to do with 6 ripe avocados ...

Hi guys,
I have 6 ripe avocados that I have to use today. I do not want to make guacamole. Do you have any suggestions on how I can use them?
Thanks so much,

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  1. I neglected to mention they are HUGE :) lol :) So I have a lot of avocado ...

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      Make stuffed avocados. Here's a recipe straight from Trudy's in Austin

      1: slice them in half. Pit 'em and peel 'em. Now you've got some avocado "cups."
      2: cook up some chicken and shred it in a tiny bit of bbq sauce (if you're not vegetarian), or some black beans (if you are). Stuff the cups with your chicken or beans, then sprinkle in a fair bit of grated cheese.
      3: press your "halves" back together, and smush them to flatten just a little bit. Now you've got six stuffed avocado "burger patties."
      4: Dust the outsides in flour, and then cook them in a skillet. You'll know they're done when the flour browns well.
      5: Serve alongside rice and beans.


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        Wow that sounds super interesting. I have no meat in the house tonight but I will try it with sharp cheddar and shrimp and see what happens :) Thanks so much EricDC.

        1. re: EricDC

          Hi again,
          I had to come back, thank you and report because I was so impressed.
          What impressed me the most was how incredibly crispy the outside of the avocados became! :) It was awesome. The crispiness of the "skin" the creaminess of the avocado, the texture of the shrimp and the tangy gooiness of the sharp cheddar. Sick!!! :)
          I am going to try it again a few times so I can play around a little with the presentation and flavors and then I think this might become a regular in my kitchen :).
          That's it :), Have a great night, Oana

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            Here's a link to the actual recipe along with a recommended sauce. The recipe calls for a flour, buttermilk, saltine cracker crust before you place them in the skillet. Eric DC, have you had them prepared that way?

            1. re: HillJ

              That is SO not how I made it lol :). Will have to give the original style a go to compare. Thanks HillJ.

              1. re: oana

                My pleasure, I'm still curious if EricDC had it prepared with this 3 step coating at the restaurant. oana, because you enjoyed it they way EricDC outlined, doesn't mean the 3 steps is necessary...I only posted the recipe to share its origin.

                1. re: HillJ

                  I've lived in that city and eaten there a bunch... never actually worked in the restaurant, just kind of eyeballed it and made an approximation. Glad to hear you liked it, Oana. Now you've got a stop on your chowtour next time you hit the Lone Star State....

                  And that's interesting that there's a semi-legit recipe on the web; I never would have thought about buttermilk or saltines myself, so I wonder if that's how that kitchen does 'em?

          2. re: oana

            Ice cream. A variety of salads. California rolls.

            1. re: wattacetti

              Ice cream :).
              Wow, that will be something to explore. Thank you.


            The above should give you a great start! There are tons of ideas there...

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            1. I made avocado soup once, with chicken stock, lemon juice, cream, and lots of cilantro. I ran half of the avocado through the cuisinart with the lemon juice, then added cream through the feed tube. I transferred that to a bowl and thinned it with chicken stock, then added the other half of the avocados chunked. Cilantro must be chopped and added at the last minute.

              It was pretty good, though it needed a bit of salt, and one of my guests was a saltophobe, so I had to pass the salt for everyone else to add as they wanted. And they wanted a lot.

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              1. re: Jay F

                Thanks Jay F. My crowd would be the same. We have salt running through our veins we eat so much of it :)


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                1. Avocado smoothies :) mmmmm They are the best! just google it :D

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