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Solo Dining

When you are home alone where do you eat? Right now I'm eating my lunch at the computer and alternating checking sites (like now) and playing games. Where is your favorite place to eat alone?

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  1. At the kitch island, reading the paper....What's your game?

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      I LOVE the opportunity to do that. SO--when I am able, once in a blue moon, in front of the tv and I eat my fave JUNK out of its original container if possible. This CAN consist of things like brie and crackers with/and/or smoked oysters, but sometimes it's a sandwich (varies) and chips (varies), or a leftover take out (thai, pizza, ribs).

      This may happen three or four times a year. Sigh.

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        My lunchtime game of choice is scrabble on pogo.com.

      2. I usually set up something nice in front of the TV. I find myself feeling more lonely eating at a table without my family there to join me.

        1. When alone (usually at lunchtime) I most often eat in front of the TV turned to the news, with my computer so I can check email & a few websites.
          Occasionally, when the kids are all home & their wonderfully crazy, noisy selves, I will take my lunch to the (empty) dining room with a book and my earphones in to give myself the illusion that I am alone. I frequently tell them if there is no blood and nothing on fire, it isn't an emergency & can wait until I am done!
          When I am particularly stressed or just feeling down, I eat at the kitchen table, looking out the back doors onto the field where the horses are. Always gives me some peace in a crazy day.

          1. Where I eat (the dinner table) doesn't change. What I eat (chicken and dumplings, pork chops/rice/cream o' shroom soup, cream of potato soup, chicken breasts in a white wine sauce, etc.) does.

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              so, PK, these particular food items are things you only eat alone, not with family?

            2. being single solo dining is not an unusual occurrence for me. one of the things i like to do when i get a chance is to take my food and sit someplace with a nice view (of the city, of the ocean of the mountains, of the park). on a rainy day I may do that and eat in the car. music on the radio, rain on the roof, good food (or from - gasp - drive thru) and watch the world go by.

              1. I sit in my recliner in front of the laptop and eat. If I'm lucky, I can balance the plate on my belly, but otherwise, I have to fight the cat in my lap for my food.

                1. on the couch, food on coffee table, t.v. on, laptop open.
                  if at my dad's and eating alone, at my mom's old desk, t.v. on, computer on.
                  either way, Chowing, Facebooking, or checking email. obsessively. like a 12 year old.

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                    Same here, mc, on the couch, coffee table, t.v. and laptop going - but I have a "lift-top" coffee table, so it makes it easier! If the table was down the dog would want my lunch even though he begs anyway!

                  2. every restaurant I woke into

                    1. I eat alone most meals because my man travels a lot for work. Usually on the coffee table in front of the tube. I don't do the laptop and eating thing, I've got serious issues with food on keyboards, lol. And often, I'll go out. There are tons of casual places to eat within walking distance and I don't feel awkward at all taking a seat at the bar and chowing down with a good beer.

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                        In the summer I'll eat out on the deck and listen to the radio.
                        When the weather is bad I'll eat at the table - I spend a lot
                        of time alone and try to stick to proper etiquette even when
                        no one is looking.

                        I'm eating alone tomorrow night and trying to decide whether
                        to dine in or go out for some place I've never tried before. The
                        way it's raining, I won't be grilling.

                        1. re: Johnny West

                          i agree about the proper etiquette thing. i was at a fast food chain several years ago watching the people hunched over the tables, virtually bringing their mouths to the food, rather than the food to their mouths. then i realized i was approaching that posture myself. a good wake up call. sit up straight, chew your food, use the right utensils, put your napkin on your lap. if you don't do it alone, you wont do it when others are around.

                      2. When I eat alone at home it is almost always a sandwich in front of the TV. Brings me right back to being a kid and is very comforting.

                        1. Alone, I like to cuddle up on the couch. But Mr. isn't havin' that when we're together, so dinner is invariably served at the dining room table.

                          1. Amusingly enough, usually at my coffee table in the living room, while browsing Chowhound. Lunchtime (when I am usually eating alone) is my favorite time to read Chow :)

                            1. I eat at the kitchen Island, but take my wife's seat which is on the left end and closest to the Tv. I turn on the news or history channel, open a book and dig into my plate. It's the only time I read while eating or have the TV on while eating. We don't allow TV, Ipods,cell phones, texting, reading during family meals. Mealtime is reserved for eating and family conversation. I also use regular dinnerware and flatware, no paper plates or plastic cups and cutlery

                              1. At home, I eat alone at the table, which faces the window to the backyard. I try not to eat at the coffeetable or in front of the computer because I like to sit and enjoy my food without too many distractions. At work, if I'm eating at my desk, I'll usually read a book or something. I spend most of the day on the computer, so I try to avoid being it at mealtimes. Ha.

                                1. I don't have a dining/kitchen table so I usually eat on my couch with my cat sleeping close by. If the food needs to be cut up I cut it up as you would for a little kid before hand so it is easier to eat. Even when I house sit I usually don't eat at a table. Outside on my deck I eat on a chair with a little side table next to me. Sometimes I'll eat at my desk with my laptop open and a movie playing. I had an impromptu dinner at a friends house last month. They have a beautiful dining room table and kitchen table yet we ate on their couches, lol. I felt right at home.