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Jan 11, 2011 09:10 AM

Raw Almond Milk - West LA?

just wondering if any CH'ers know of places in west la that sells raw almond milk.

i can find the processed blue diamond stuff but can't seem to locate fresh raw almond milk.


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  1. Rawesome Foods
    665 Rose Ave
    Venice, CA 90291
    (310) 452-2244

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    1. Do you mean freshly prepared or non-irradiated or something ele? All almonds in the US are irradiated unless purchased from a farmer's market. One seller at the Wednesday market has almond milk. Good Food had a segment a few weeks ago if you want to track down the name.

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      1. re: JudiAU

        what i am looking for is pure almond milk vs the mass produced ones from silk or blue diamond that are enriched and have added preservatives.

        thanks for the heads up. will do some recon on good food.

        1. re: wilafur

          The vendor from the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer's market is Fat Uncle Farms. He sells fresh almond milk. They are at a few farmer's markets, but don't sell the almond milk at all of the markets they do. You might want to ask which ones. I know he does sell it at the SaMo market. Here's the contact info:


          Here's a link to buy some of their products online, but they don't sell almond milk online.

      2. Go to Local1205 on Abbot Kinney in Venice. They sell the most amazing coconut almond milk from the mylkman. You cannot buy it anywhere else directl. Mylkman only does home delivery. This is only place I know of that sells by the glass.
        Mylk and cookies" comes with a delish vegan, gluten free cookie. YUM!

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        1. re: kevko

          bought the mylk and cookies yesterday from Local 1205.
          the mylk was good, but the cookies were VERY good.
          pricey ($21 for one order of mylk and 3 cookies), but i expect pricey on abbot kinney, and, honestly, i've learned that practically anything that is gluten-free that tastes really good is going to be pricey.