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Jan 11, 2011 08:55 AM

Best Kosher Hamburgers?

Which places make the best Hamburgers? Not to be a hick, but I still love a fresh made Hamburger from Kosher Delight in Manhattan. My non-kosher friends told me they taste somewhat like Burger Kings, but not exactly. Any other favorites?

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  1. 2nd avenue deli's pastrami burger is awesome! (i'm aware they're not glatt, so many kosher people wouldn't eat there.)
    clubhouse cafe also has a pretty awesome burger and sliders.

    1. I tried something last night I saw on the Travel channel. I steamed my burgers. Came out very juicy and less fatty, very tasty too.

      1. The burgers at Ken's Diner in Skokie are excellent - the Bay-Ken Burger (made with Romanian's Beef Fry) is my favorite -

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          As a variation I make something I ripped off from Hubert Keller. He has a signature burger at his restaurant that he made on one of his TV shows. I smoke short ribs and then shred the meat into very thin shreds which I cut into approx 1/2-inch lengths. I then take a portion of the short rib and form a burger around it. On the plus side, you don't need to grill the burger for very long because the center is already cooked so it stays very moist. Pretty awesome.

          And to answer the original question, Ken's burgers are a guilty pleasure. The Bay-Ken is a 1/2 lb. monster with sauteed mushrooms in addition to the Beef Fry.

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              Just one warning about that. Once you're putting raw meat around the rib center, you need to treat the center as raw from a salmonella perspective. Even if the meat was cooked, you should still heat the center to the point where you can kill any bacteria that might have been contaminated there.

          1. Jeff's in LA.
            Kosher Delight makes the best fast-food Chinese.

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              Kosher Dleight is good Chinese - but I like Taam China in Newton, MA and Tein Le Chow in Evanston, IL

            2. The Pineapple Burger at Wolf & Lamb in Manhattan (and I hate hamburgers)