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Jan 11, 2011 08:49 AM

Hors d'oeuvres ideas for friends with dietary restrictions?

I'm new here and am trying to think of things I can make for 1. a vegan, and 2. someone who hates vegetables, red meat, and seafood. All I can think of right now is chicken pot stickers for friend #2. Any advice is appreciated.

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    1. Are these the only 2 guests, or just 2 picky eaters in a larger group?

      1. How about little chickpea patties (kinda like falafel) with a tamarind chutney? I'm thinking that could be vegan. Dates stuffed with a nice spiced nut and baked? Roasted mushrooms served whole on a rosemary skewer with a balsamic reduction drizzled on the top? Hummus and pita (maybe serve that also with slices of chicken sausage for the meat-eater)? Crostini topped with olive tapenade and a roasted red pepper slice?

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          Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines. You can do a mediterranean platter - hummus, maybe some baba ganoush, different kinds of olives, nuts, roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes and mushrooms.

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            These sprouted garbanzo patties are excellent

            What about guacamole, GHG's black bean dip, different kinds of flatbread pizzas, a polenta bar, taco bar, asian lettuce wraps with both the typical chicken filling but also a tofu option? Fresh fruit is always a good option in my opinion.

          2. Stuffed mushrooms are one of my favorites for vegans because the meaty texture of the mushrooms makes it seem a bit more hearty. Do you need to serve them at the same time? Thai salad rolls with tofu and chicken satay are both from a similar flavor palette and can be served with peanut sauce.