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Jan 11, 2011 07:43 AM

Need South Shore Foodie-Friendly Recos for B-Day Dinner

Hey all - I am looking for a place to take my beau for his b-day (not a mile-stone or anything). We both LOVE food & trying all kinds of cuisines & he is a wine-lover as well (but will enjoy cocktails of any variety where ever). We live on the S. Shore & go into Boston every day so was looking for ideas that don't require the trip into the city for a change...

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  1. South Shore is a very large geographic area. Can you narrow that a bit. For example: Plymouth and Quincy are both considered South Shore but are 40 minutes apart.

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    1. re: T.Clark

      Hi - Anywhere from Quincy to Hyannis works...

      1. re: citygrrll

        Solstice, Kingston. Best food, best wine list, best cocktails. 2nd best atmosphere.

    2. The Square cafe in Hingham is what I consider the best on the South Shore. I also like that dinning room as well. Darker, more plush to Oro's brighter, modern, asthetic.

      Oro in Scituate is second. Modern and handsome room too.

      I think these are your two best foodie options.

      please post back to let us know where you went and, more importantly, what you had to eat...

      1. Tosca in Hingham, Alba in Quincy Center, and Sintra in Braintree get positive mentions here. They are still on my list of places to try, so I can't give you a firsthand recommendation; I just know that others here whose opinions I have come to trust from experience have given them the thumbs up.

        906 Washington St, Braintree, MA 02184

        1. I'm not super familiar w/the South Shore dining scene, but I will say that I've eaten at both Solstice and Alba and they are both very good - Solstice having the edge.


          1. I would second both Square Cafe and Tosca but not Tosca on Sunday nights -- I think it's the B team in the kitchen Sunday nights. Tosca has the livelier vibe, Square Cafe has, I agree, the plusher dining room and a slightly more imaginative menu. The Tuna Two Ways is a particular favorite of mine at Square Cafe. Unless I am very hungry, it is enough for dinner for me.