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Jan 11, 2011 07:36 AM

wasserman and lemberger

heading down to florida and spending a night in fairfax, and stopping in balt on the way

were gonna stop at wasserman and lemberger to pick up deli for the drive from fairfax to florida

1- any reccs? what should we get, what shouldn't we get

2- wheres the best place to buy a really good rye bread, as close to wasserman and lembergers as possible and if possible, somewhere ill be able to park easily


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  1. Wassermans is fantastic, anything you get will be good, we like the Aufshnit (sp?) and they have different kinds, plus really good beef jerky, salami and biltong, plus they can even vacuum pack it for you
    2 blocks from Wassermans is the new 7Mile market, its huge and has everything kosher inside including a bakery. 2 Stores down from Wassermans is also a bakery called Schmell & Azman, Baltimore doesnt have great rye bread but its decent.

    1. I would second the rec for Aufschnitt!
      It is awesome.
      W&L is one of the few places in the world where you can get kosher aufschnitt.

      1. I love their turkey pastrami!

        1. Wasserman and Lemberger has the best meat! I live in the NY/NJ area and we go specially to Baltimore to get meat from them. For deli, their two-tone turkey is delicious, and they have the most amazing corned beef. They make some sort of deli with olives in it, but I've never had it since I'm not a fan of olives, but it looks interesting. When you go in, I'm sure they would be happy to let you taste the deli first.

          If you ever want to get something besides deli, buy their raw corned beef by the pound. It's the same as their deli corned beef (but the deli cost 3 times the price) All of their briskets and roasts, and flanken/short ribs are all amazing cuts of meat.

          Like zeetree said, Schmell and Azman is a 10 second walk away and 7 Mile is down the road.

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            what are the prices like for the regular meat cuts, are they a crazy rip off

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              Second cut corned beef- 7.99/lb, the first cut is more expensive since it's leaner.
              I don't know the other prices for the meats off hand. I would not say they are a rip off at all. Definitely some of the cuts are cheaper than I get here in the NY/NJ area, and some may be the same price, but the quality of their meats are great.

          2. Their jerky is to DIE FOR! When we lived in VA and were *only* an hour away I was known to attack a package on the drive home. We are now about 3 long hours away.:(

            There is also a Kosher Dunkin Donuts int he same parking lot for a yummy dairy treat.

            Kosher Bite is kinda acrioss the street - all kinds of good stuff and LOW, LOW cost liquor (if you need any)

            Also try Parisers Bakery.
            (410) 764-1700
            6711 Reisterstown Rd
            Baltimore, MD 21215
            for KILLER PARVE pastries. Their Rainbow Cake is the best ever! (and freezes well too) They also do bread and are maybe 4 minutes from the butcher.

            In Fairfax you might want to stop at the Shoppers for anythign you may have forgotten (very large Kosher selection) and a TJ's acrioss the road fromt here (about 3 minutes down from Chabad of NoVA.

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              you are my favorite chowhound poster