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Jan 11, 2011 07:21 AM

Need Help with Research: Chefs who are Passionate about Sustainable/Farm to Table Cooking

I am trying to come up with as large and as diverse a list as I can for a project of chefs who are committed and passionate about Sustainable/Farm-to-Table cooking.

I'm thinking people along the lines of Alice Waters, Dan Barber, Rick Moonen, etc. If you would, please put the chef's name (and restaurant) if you know it.

I am sure there are 1000s, but I am looking for those with a least some reasonable degree of "notoriety". I don't want to say fame, because some of these do not seek it at all, but I am looking for those who go the extra step, involving themselves in some "public" way (e.g. conferences, lectures, media, etc etc).

Thanks so much!

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  1. Bradley Ogden comes to mind
    Jamie Oliver of course
    Epicurious has a great article that might help you out

    1. Dan Barber, as you already mentioned, and Edward Tucson of Vancouver, BC are as passionate as they get. Tuson forages for his mushrooms and seaweed and even raises pigs on his farm from which he makes his own prosciutto. He also hosts farm dinners on his farm (does he still?) and invites foragers, local farmers, etc. You cannot get more locavore that. He used to be the Chef at Sooke Harbour House but has now opened "The Edge" which deliberately has no website. Amazing guy.

      Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin) is also fastidious about his sustainable seafood. Daniel Boulud would be another good example.

      Others from the highly recommended book, "Heat to Harvest". Just got it a month ago and love it. It discusses various organic farmers/producers, their produce and the chefs who demand the best from them. Awesome. A few examples from the book include:

      Donald Link, Herbsaint Bar and Restaurant, New Orleans
      Michael Anthony, Gramercy Tavern
      Barbara Lynch, No. 9 Park
      Michael Psilakis, Anthos

      1. In more of a minor key, Brian Voltaggio with Volt in Frederick, Maryland, and my absolute favorite restaurant, Nage in Rehobeth, DE. The chef, Hari Cameron, is young, but very talented, and puts together a ballsy menu.

        1. There is no one more committed to the farm to table concept than Tamar Adler & Olivia Sargeant
          Of Farm 255 in Athens, Georgia. They don't just buy local, they actually operate the farm where the produce is grown! Check out their website at

          1. Deborah Madison of Santa Fe comes to mind as one you may not have thought of. Alan Wong in Hawaii. And Mollie Katzen and the rest of the Moosewood collective was doing local/sustainable in Ithaca waaay before it got trendy.