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Jan 11, 2011 06:52 AM

London for Shabbos

Anyone aware of a restaurant available for Shabbos meals, or a hotel where I can stay that serves Shabbos meals in London or the environs?


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  1. You can get takeout from Reubens. I'm not aware of any restaurant that takes preorders and is open to serve meals.

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      You can indeed get takeout from Reubens. You can also go there on a weekday if you crave a hot meal. I have done so several times. Every time thinking that it is mediocre and overpriced and I'll never go again. So I skip it on the next visit, and the next, Then, after a few years, I go back. And refresh my memory of how overpriced and mediocre it is. The restaurant at Bevis Marks, by contrast, is excellent. And London is wonderful. Enjoy your trip.

    2. Lots of kosher hotels in Golders Green- Croft Court, King Solomon etc. Buy take out for Shabbat from any number of deli's in Hendon or Golders Green; Manna Deli, White House etc in Hendon or Golders Green Deli in Golders Green+ tons of other places in both locations.

      1. In addition to the ideas listed above Bevis Marks will also deliver any item on their menu in takeout containers anywhere in the city. I had them deliver a bunch of things to my hotel on friday afternoon the last time I was in London for shabbat and it worked out great. (not to mention their food is delicious)...

        They also have minyanim in the Bevis Marks Shul if you are staying in that area (the shul/restaurant is right near liverpool st station right off of bishopsgate)

        1. London is a feast, and not just for the taste buds. By all means dine at Bevis marks, the food is wonderful. But, depending on how long you will be there, you should carefully consider whether food should be a priority on a visit to London. You can avoid hunger and have a lovely Shabbat by staying in any hotel near Hyde park Corner (choices at every price range, daven at Marble Arch, and pick up enough food at Selfirdges on Oxford Street. The food court carries fresh bread, challah, hummus, tuns, etc. Then, on Shabbos afternoon you can take a walk over to the British Museum and see a world-class exhibit. It's free. Why would you want to waste a visit to London schlepping out to Golder's Green? The food is mundane, and the ride is interminable. And every minute in London is a minute when you could be doing something wonderful.

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            I read this string with interest, as I just posted this question, but I am a tourist and would love to stay central and go to the museum on shabbos afternoon. You say that there are many hotels within walking distance of the Marble arch synagogue ( is that what it is called?) could you give me an idea or link to locate them. I had originally thought I would stay in Knightsbridge, as that is such a lovely area, but I gather no shul within walking distance, so we planned to switch to hendon on shabbos. Are there nice hotels ( 4 or 5 star) near hyde park?

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              Just north of Hyde Park. The neighborhood is filled with hotels, mostly made from old town houses joined together. But now that you know where the shul it, figure out your Shabbat afternoon destination and look at Fodor's or a hotel web site. London is a city of hotels. They ger more toruists than anyplace on earth.

              If you do stay here, you will be at the edge of the Edgeware Road district. The density of burkas is high. You don't see anything like this concentration anywhere int he U.S., Don't let it weird you out, the neighborhood is safe.

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                Selfridge's (on Oxford Street near the Bond Street Station) has a huge food court with a lot of kosher options, including groceries as well as pre-packaged foods, e.g., sandwiches, salads, and the like, which you can purchase prior to Shabbat.

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                  That's what we did for Shabbat when we were in London. We bought packaged cold cuts - some interesting varieties- that were imported from Israel. I think we also bought a container of hummus and some olives. Selfridge's was really convinient for us for the few days we were in London... we were able to pick up prepared stuff to keep in the hotel fridge.

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                Central Synagogue is another option.

                I went there rather than Marble Arch because it was closer to the British museum and I picked the hotel to be in easy walking distance of both. I stayed at a Holiday Inn nearby. It's not 4 or 5 stars, but it was nicer than most Holiday Inns in the US and was plenty for my needs.

                In terms of food, I'll echo the other thread that Bevis Marks is the nicest place in town. Reuben's is a deli on Baker street, and you can get takeout from there for Shabbat.

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                  Marble Arch synagogue is a real treat. Really wonderful, and a beautiful choir when we were there 2 or 3 years ago. Only thing, though, check out the location and the route from your hotel on Friday afternoon while it's still light out. We stayed in lovely hotel just a few blocks away, but when when my husband asked for directions no one (no one!) knew what he's talking about. So he set out, thinking that he'll just run into some Jews on their way and ask them. However, Jews in London, and Europe generally, dress incognito and aren't as easily identifiable as the are in the US, unless it's Golders Green or some other very Jewish neighborhood. Finally he spotted someone else in a yarmulka (an Israeli visitor) and the two of them went looking together. As a footnote, the Shul itself was packed.

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                    Will be in London for Shabbos in two weeks and would like to stay in the west end.
                    Any suggestions on hotels that do not have electronic cards for the door keys?

                    Thank you.

              3. Please let me clarify. I've been to London numerous times, so the touring bit is old hat to me. Unfortunately, I'll need to be in my London office on Friday, so no chance to get home to NY before shabbos. Therefore, I just need the most convenient place to stay and eat as I'm really not up to getting takeout or having food delivered.


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                  As i said earlier, the hotel King Solomon will be the best- in Golders Green road... however, they do not provide Shabbat meals. AFAIK, the only hotel providing kosher meals over Shabbat is the Croft Court Hotel in Golders Green....