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Jan 10, 2011 11:43 PM

do you deep-fry?

Do you deep-fry food?

Or, for health reasons, or not to waste oil - it does seem to be a LOT of oil! - do you generally find alternative methods to approximate your favorite deep-fried meals?

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  1. We do, but just for special occasions. Like the day after Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years, Pioneer Day (it's a Mormon thing, fried scones and honey butter) and occasionally birthdays. Baked donuts or tempura are not the same. My mom makes oven-fried chicken, and it's good, but I can't replicate it, recipe or no.

    1. Absolutely. It may be messy and perhaps not that healthy, but there is no way to approximate frying food in a satisfactory way. Fish, wings, fries, etc. are simply not the same when made in the oven. It's like saying you can do great barbecue in a crock pot - you're just fooling yourself.

      1. yep, but not that often because it seems like the smell lingers for days-when its warm, I do it on the porch using a portable burner.
        tempura, tonkatsu, croquets, fried squid, and of course fried chicken.

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          Myself. Frying should not be done indoors. I use a double propane burner and a wok. A wok has better access and a broader surface area than a pot. I used to use peanut oil, but canola oil works just fine and is about five times cheaper. It is potentially dangerous, so I try to keep people out of the immediate vicinity, especially children and drinkers. There is nothing like home-fried fish, chicken and shrimp and corn fritters to make people go nuts, especially at a large gathering.

        2. No. Mainly for the same reasons you cite. Probably more because of the mess and the waste. Unfortunately, that's more of a deal breaker than healthy eating for me.

          1. Yes....I deep fry. Alternative methods to approximate?? You're kidding right!! ~~ Fried Food, deep fried or otherwise is not bad for you.....Bad fried food is bad for you.