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Jan 10, 2011 09:09 PM

Yummy Mid-High Range Restos?

Hello all,

My parents will be coming into Montreal in a couple weeks and will be taking my boyfriend and I out for dinner. I am trying to find somewhere mid-range priced. We're looking for a place with a nice atmosphere and decor and of course, great food. To be more specific on price, I would say main courses in the mid 20's- mid 30's range.
The last time they were in town we went to Lemeac, Le Latini, and Fino (on Sherbrooke) and we really enjoyed all those places.
Also, we're more fish eaters than red meat eaters..
Any suggestions would be great!

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Ferreira is a great choice, especially for fish lovers. But they are on the expensive side.

    2. One of the waitress with whom I work with suggest me the O'thym ( I personally never tried it but she' tried a lot of restaurant and she always suggest this one might worth take a look. If you do, please tell me how it was so I can go and put it on my blog :) Hope you will have a nice evening with your family!

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      1. re: Gluttoners

        Thanks for both those suggestions! I will look into them. If I end up at O'thym I will report back!

        1. re: forkcape

          In your price-range you can do a lot better than O'Thym. O'Thym is not that great. The cooking is very uneven and the menu is pretty plain-Jane French bistro fare.

          Look at carswell's list posted by kpzoo. His recommendations are solid.

          You should note, though, that Jolifou has gone through a total overhaul. They've moved to a gussied-up comfort food, Texas BBQ concept. I've gone once since the change, and I don't expect I shall be returning. Not only is the food boring and overpriced, but, on that night, the service was bumbling, arrogant and overly familiar. A once very inspired and original restaurant has become just another casual eatery. It's sad for the dining scene, but I'm sure they'll make more money now that they're selling burgers and chicken wings.

      2. Check out carswell's classic compendium of mid- to high-end restaurants:

        Mid-range to high-end Montreal restos: personal reccos

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        1. re: kpzoo

          Thanks for the reply, I probably should have mentioned earlier that I have read Carswell's list many times! It's why I've been to both Lemeac and Holder. I wanted to know if there were other recommendations out there.

        2. Are you open to eating late night (after 10pm)? You can eat at the high end for mid-range prices! If I remember correctly, Milos has a $25 late night special fofr 3 courses - good fish. Here is a compilation of posts by others on late night deals:

          1. Three that I'd recommend:

            1. La Salle à Manger: Last went in the summer but very fun, relaxed, with high-end food. They serve oysters in season, salmon tartare mini burgers, pasta (like the lesser known farro), and knowledgeable staff regarding wine selections. In the Plateau, on Mont Royal towards Papineau.

            2. Au Cinquième Péché: Haven't been here in a few months but relaxed, yet high quality, French food. It's small and cozy, with huge portions and a changing menu depending on the seasonal ingredients. We had the "Brain and Chips" (deep fried veal brain with chips--but it was a bit too much for me so didn't participate), as well as an assorted seal plate, and soup of the day for appetizers. For our mains, we had veal, a fatty roasted fish, gnocchi (vegetarian), and I forgot what else. Dessert was awesome, including crème brûlée. Mains were priced from late teens to about $30, I think. On Mont Royal on the west side of St. Denis.

            3. Le Petit Alep: Haven't been to the more formal Alep next door, but I went here in December and it was really phenomenal Syrian food. Great wine list, yummy and abundant dishes, very flavourful with big portions. We shared falafel sandwiches, chicken kebabs, an assorted vegetarian appetizer, and a bean appetizer dip (sorry, forgot the name). No reservations, but worth the wait, and very well priced and much cheaper than the two I named above, but equally great atmosphere, decor, and food. Across from Marché Jean Talon, on rue Jean Talon.