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El Tepeyac in Monterey Park

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I have never tried the mexican food at the legendary El Tepeyac on Evergreen St. in E.L.A., but will soon be near their second location in Monterey Park (on Potero Grande St. across from Resurrection Cemetary). Besides their huge Hollenbeck Burrito, I don't know what to order---any suggestions?. I was told that they use big cubes of meat (which I probably wouldn't care for), so perhaps I'll ask for a shredded type instead. Also, is their quality as good as the E.L.A. location?

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    It's been some time since I've frequented Manuel's El Tepeyac.

    Buy when I went I often ordered the Torta de Guacamole. No, it's not a torta but rather a large thin egg crepe filled with guacamole, folded like a burrito and covered with sauce.

    I never have seen this dish elsewhere and I must admit it has been years since my girlfriends and I would meet there and order far too many dishes for the few of us.

    I would be interested if it is still on the menu.

    1. I love the Machaca dinner, I then use the flour tortillas to make my own burritos, the taquitos are also good. The huevos con chorizo and huevos meztisos are good good for breakfast.

      1. Where is the address of the El Tepeyac in MPK? Is it already open? Is the Hollenbeck burrito really good or just infamous because it's ginormous?

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          El Tepeyac (AKA “Manuel's”) has two big burritos. The biggest is “Manuel's special,” a true giant burrito. I begin at lunch and finish it some time after dinner or just begin again for breakfast the next day. I think it is just as good good as it is hot. The smaller version is called the “Hollenbeck.” Two people could have it for lunch. The beef in these burritos is not tender and the rice & beans is not all that special. It is the combination of everything in them that delivers a eating experience that, “hits-the-spot.” You will crave that burrito again and again and no other burrito will do. If you buy one "to-go" be sure to bring a large plastic bag to place it in. That will protect your car -- big time! At lunch time there will be a line of people waiting to eat inside at the Evergreen location. I always go to the outside walk-up window on the right side with outdoor tables. I think they are closed on Mondays and accept cash only. The only other place I have had the “Hollenbeck” was a small bar on the other side of USC Medical Center. I do not recall the name. I have never been to the new location in Monterey Park but I have found a address.

          El Tepeyac
          812 N Evergreen Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90033
          (323) 267-8668

          El Tepeyac
          1965 Potrero Grande Dr Ste A
          Monterey Park, CA 91755-7428
          (626) 573-4607

          1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

            The Evergreen location is closed on Tuesdays.

            Their guac and chips are huge portions.

            I usually get the Hollenbeck pork. The pork can be dry sometimes. The stewy sauce is great.

            I had a steak picado bano (soup) that was good. Strips of beef in a tomato based stew with onions and peppers. Similar to ranchero. I will likely get the steak picado burrito next time I'm there.

          2. re: Panoz

            The Monterey Park location is at 1965 Potrero Grande Drive, phone number 626-573-4607. This location was opened by one of Manuel's family members (son, brother??). We have eaten at the Evergreen location for the last 40 years. We have eaten at the M.P. location twice and would never think of eating there again with so many better options around.

            1. re: Neta

              What are the better options for mexican food that is close to the El Tepeyac in MP?

              1. re: Rich

                J&S in Montebello for their tasty red and green chile burritos, bean and cheese burritos, soft tostadas rolled up like a burrito, and hard shell tacos.

                887 N Garfield Ave
                Montebello (just south of the Pomona freeway)

                1. re: John

                  I've been to J & S and the problem that I have with their burritos is that they don't put much (or no)cheese into them! If you're like me and love plenty of hot oozing cheese, J & S may disappoint you. I even onced specifically asked for extra cheese---and I could swear that I barely could make out any when I opened the burrito to check!

                  1. re: Rich

                    Can you share your favorite places where you can get burritos with cheese in them as a standard ingredient (outside of a bean and cheese burrito) and hopefully its not that revolting yellow cheese.

                2. re: Rich

                  Armando's on Garvey near Orange has way better choices and variety. Cocktails, seafood, soup, and their special dish, the Mocahete. The Mocahete comes out with a sizzling collection of meat, cheese, cactus, and sauce. Kind of like a Mexican version of the Chinese sizzling plate.

                  Armando's Mexican Restaurant
                  704 E GARVEY AVE
                  MONTEREY PARK, CA 91755

                3. re: Neta

                  Manuel Rojas is a personal Family friend. His Food takes the Hunger Pains away in seconds. Hands Down, The Best Mexican Food in Los Angeles!

              2. It sounds like what you need to try is their Chicken Hollenbeck. My perfered variation on the classic, the real hollenbeck with pork is indeed chunky and can be a bit dry. But the Chicken is saucy and delish!

                Also if you dare get the taquitos and guac app... Hmmm...


                1. I started out ordering the Manuel's special everytime I went. Then I started trying different things and all the food i've tried is great. my favorites are the beef enchiladas, hollenbeck and the carne asada burrito. I love the food and I'm kind of glad it's a little bit of a hike to get to, because if it were easy to get I would eat it all the time (not that that would be bad) but I wouldn't appreciate it as much as I do when I have to work a little for it.

                  1. chicken taquitos with gauacamole (evergreen)..best I've ever had!


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                      Yes! Get the taquitos with guacamole--or anything with guacamole, really. They are so fresh, so chunky, and so good!

                    2. Since this was posted almost 2 years ago, I'de like to mention that the Monterey Park location has changed names and although its still a Mexican restaurant, it may no longer have anything to do with El Tepeyac.

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                        your right....the monterey park location has nothing to do with el tepeyac but same type of food. i heard menu is almost the same since old cook of that location took over.

                        1. re: rickym13

                          Manuel the original owner of El Tepeyac on Evergreen sold the place about a year ago,and the new owner kept almost everything the same. The new owner even lets Manuel do the same hosting job he did when he owned the joint. I think the only thing that changed is the beans and the size of the servings. Manuel's son Pancho opened up another El Tepeyac in Monterey Park about ten or eleven years ago. I used to go to Manuel's on Evergreen all the time and order the cheese enchiladas. Does anyone remember when Manuel would walk around with a bottle of Tequila and offer shots to his customers? I remember I took a couple with him, but I don't think that kind of behavior is allowed in there anymore...Ahhh... the good old days, good food, good service, goodtimes!!!

                          1. re: iknowfood64

                            I'm confused, are you saying Manuel sold the one on Evergreen, or the one in Monterey Park. I know his sold the one in Monterery Park, but are you also saying he sold the one on Evergreen too? I was just there last week.

                            1. re: iknowfood64

                              i've been going to the evergreen location since the late 60's. have gotten to know manuel quite well. his health is not what it used to be, but when he is there, he still goes around offering tequilla, brandy, vodka, and, sometimes, beer. this continues to be my favorite mexican food place for over 40 years. i always get either the machaca or the hollenbeck with the "manuel's special" topping.

                              1. re: justanotherpenguin

                                I agree with you, I was born over there, and when we moved to the westside we always still went to the mechanic on Brooklyn. I have seen him around and I can't see him selling it, that they would keep it in the family. It was just the way jknowfood wrote, that was confusing. I know that they had closed the Monterey branch a year or two ago, but there would be alot of people talking if Manuel had sold the original location.

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                                  I once had the hollenbeck at a beer bar over on the other side of the 10 Fry. and just a few blocks off the 5 Fry. It was called "The hollenbeck" and everything about it was the same as if you ordered it at Manuel's. It was an off menu item I think. It was very nice to sit in that dark bar, eat a hollenbeck and have a few beers. Does anyone know what the name of the bar is/was? I tried looking for it but cannot recall which East/West street is was on.

                                  Oh, the 60's. On one night a week there was a "Eat a whole Manuel's Special and get the second one free." Anyone remember that? I had a friend who did it.

                                  These older threads (like this one -- 2005) keep popping up.

                                  1. re: JeetJet

                                    We were there one day in the sixties and there was a group of young anglo boys sitting next to us. They ordered the Manuel's special for one of the guys, an extremely thin kid. They starting laying bets on whether or not this guy was going to finish the whole burrito and pretty soon, everyone in the restaurant was laying down their bets. The kid finished it but didn't look so good after!!

                                    1. re: Neta

                                      I hope Manuel is doing fine and I hope he still owns this great GREAT brotherhood restaurant. I grew up 2 blocks from there and I still frequent it throughout the year. The taquitos rule and I'll have my OKIE with cheese please. WOW!
                                      Also, I love Ciro's too.

                                      1. re: Pakkai

                                        saw manuel last monday. he's usually in the restaurant in the mornings. he looks tired, but well.

                                        1. re: justanotherpenguin

                                          Manuel is great. El Tepeyak has the best Huevos Rancheros anywhere. The homemade chips are unbelievable.