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Jan 10, 2011 06:52 PM

Atelier vs The Mansion

Going to Las Vegas this coming weekend ... and have reservations at both but need to choose one and need some help! Price isn't much help as the four course tasting at the menu at the Mansion seems similar to the tasting menu at Atelier . So would like to base the decision on food , please help!

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  1. The Mansion is more formal; the best seating at L'Atelier is at the bar.

    1. You will get more "extras" at the Mansion (Joel Robuchon) --- Bread cart, Amuse Bouche, a treat to take home with you.

      1. I've only done the Mansion (Full on 80 billion course tasting menu, or so it seemed) and thought it was elegant and well done, but I did not see (no, taste) exploding stars like I had hoped.

        That being said, I obviously chose that over L'Atelier, for the opportunity to try one of the few Temples of Gastronomy in the US (read: Mich 3*).

        All of this, I know, in no way helps you make your decision, so I would say choose the best looking menu, but if you can't pick, do the Mansion ... they will take great care of you and it is certainly an experience.

        1. L'Atelier too mechanical, and overly hyped.

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            I loved L'Atelier, and will be going again in a couple weeks. The last time I went there I was solo, as I will be this time. I was seated in the very center of the bar, and the solo diners on either side of me were very entertaining. As was Joel himself, who stopped in for about a half hour to chat with his chefs. The food was fabulous - bright or subtle flavors, inventive or classic, a nice mix for my tastes (I enjoyed the seasonal tasting menu). I haven't been to the Mansion, as I personally feel I would not feel comfortable dining solo there. Someday....