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Jan 10, 2011 04:45 PM

Kim's Garden-Novi, MI

In the mail today I received a menu from Kim's Garden in Novi, MI. On Novi Rd. just north of Grand River. Has anybody been? Menu looks great and they even deliver! I'm hoping for some positive feedback on this! Thanks!!

Kim's Garden
26150 Novi Rd, Novi, MI 48375

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  1. I have been a few times....The place is nothing to look at inside but I have been happy with my visits. They do offer more of a authentic Chinese food experience than most. I have a habit of getting odd items when I am there that I can not get in other places. i.e. Curry Cuttle fish.

    I have not been enough times to formulate if I really like them or not. If you need a lunch date I work in the area.

    1. Rheta, This is a bit of a stretch on the topic, but have you given up on the nearby Empire Dynasty about which you once inquired?
      A Chinese person recently recommended it to me, so I'll either try it, or try Kim's Garden, depending on the feedback. Thx

      Empire Dynasty
      29505 W 9 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336

      Kim's Garden
      137 W Sunset Dr, Waukesha, WI 53189

      1. I can speak at length about Kim's Garden, at least regarding their quick and cheap combo meals. I've had some TERRIBLE food there. I mean, off-the-charts worst Chinese food I've ever had. That would have been their almond boneless chicken, which I saw talked up on other review sites. The "gravy" on it was a neon yellow gelatinous goo. Mercifully, there were some pieces of the fried chicken that were untouched by the pus-like gravy, and those I dunked in their sweet and sour sauce that accompanies the bland and greasy eggrolls. That "self-made" dish tasted pretty good actually.

        For the most part, several dishes are just below par -- oily, mediocre meat, not the freshest vegetables. The fried rice as an ordered dish is very tasty, but the fried rice that comes with the combo meals tastes like it's been sitting around all day. Their Rainbow Chicken is the one thing off the combo menu that I actually like. The pepper steak isn't bad either.

        Now I know, I've only eaten the combo meals there (I have a fiance who is a sucker for combo meals). And I REALLY wanted to like Kim's Garden -- they have a cool pagoda-like building. But do yourself a favor and try China Cafe down the street. The food there is excellent. Just in a different (better) league than Kim's Garden.

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        1. re: charlesbois

          I've only had dimsum there, and it was actually decent. If you live on that side of town, its def comparable to East lake, Shangri-la. Things I've had: Shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, chicken feet, turnip cake, some of the sweets, spare ribs in black bean sauce. All very edible. Its my gf's family's SE-MI dimsum restaurant of choice.

          I'm willing to venture their Chinese-american foods.. Gen Tso, pepper steak, is all very generic. But their more "authentic" chinese stuff is probably of higher quality as I've heard its decent from a few ethnic people. Again, that's all hearsay.


          1. re: donbui82

            I'm sure you're right about the authentic dishes, don. The handwritten items on the whiteboard menu always look very interesting. May be a reason to go back there and give them another chance.

          2. re: charlesbois

            Coincidentally, my one visit involved beef fried rice (good but not overly memorable from other places) and hot and sour soup (weak.)
            The authentic dishes are very intriguing. I will stick to that for future visits.

          3. Hi Rheta
            I worked and retired from the Sony Service Center which was located at the current Bonefish Grill location. I lunched at Kim's for years and it was consistently, well, handy. I'm a sucker for the #1 combo and I also have had just about everything else on the menu except dinner specials. It's just average. If you're hungry for Chinese and it's close, there's nothing really wrong with it. It's just no more special that any other of the thousands of Chinese restaurants in the area. Give it a try, but I wouldn't suggest making it a part of a special evening.
            By the way, Donna and I had veal piccata at Alfoccino's the other night was were disappointed. It wasn't anywhere near the same. No capers, sliced instead of button mushrooms, a strong tarragon flavor and a watery sauce. Do they have a different chef that you know of??
            Also going to Bonefish tomorrow. Any advice anybody?

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            1. re: SonyBob

              I attended a holiday party at Alfoccino's and got the chicken piccata. Same thing, no capers. Bread sticks and salad were good, overall disappointing.

              Bonefish - seared ahi tuna better their than anywhere I've ever found. Tuna taco is great too. Too bad this reply comes after you've probably gone.

              Alfoccino Restaurant
              2225 N Opdyke Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

              1. re: Rosedale

                No Prob
                We were surprised at how busy Bonefish was on a Wed night. It was Bang Bang shrimp night so that brought a lot of people in, I think. I had the sea bass ( I know, it's endangered, please find it in your heart to forgive me) and it was excellent. Can't comment on the wine list as, as hard as I've tried, I just can't get into it. Overall impression; very nice decor, good service, really good seafood but just a tad pricy. We'll go back.

              2. re: SonyBob

                Hi SonyBob. I think I'll pass on Kim's. As for Alfoccino's. I was ALSO dissapointed with my veal picatta. The sauce didn't have that nice lemony flavor I'm used to. And I thought the meat had an odd flavor as well. Just not the usual. So dissapointing. I didn't say anything since it was my birthday and I didn't feel like complaining. But yes, definitely a disappointment! What is Bang Bang shrimp? I really need to get to Bonefish Grill!

                Alfoccino Restaurant
                2225 N Opdyke Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

                1. re: Rheta

                  Yeah, I think Rosedale has had sufficient time to recover from the flu, and that we are owed a full and proper Bonefish review!

                  1. re: Rheta

                    Hi Rheta,
                    Thanks for reinforcing my thoughts about Alfoccino's. I was hoping that they were just having a bad night but there was simply too much not right about the whole dish. Sad.
                    Re: the Bang Bang shrimp. We didn't have any but the booth behind us was ordering them like crazy. From the waiter's description, they are simply a very spicy shrimp cocktail with a lot of lettuce for presentation. They're only $5.00. At that price, I'll have to try 'em if I'm again there on a Wednesday. Kinda like the .50 cent conies at the Rusty Nail!

                    1. re: SonyBob

                      VTB, I'm afraid my Bonefish Grill review will be pretty limited. Although I've been there over a dozen times, I've only tried two entrees.

                      But first, Bang Bang Shrimp, which is delicious. The shrimp is lightly breaded (panko maybe) and served with a sweet chili mayo dip, topped with shredded lettuce. The mayo dip is so good you'll be scooping it up with every last lettuce shred.

                      I order a Bee's Knees cocktail with appetizers. It's a prohibition-era martini with honey, lemon, gin and basil. My husband says it tastes like a Hall's honey lemon cough drop, but I love it.

                      The first time at Bonefish I tried the Baja style fish taco. Lightly breaded mildly sweet flavored fish (can't remember the type) in a wonderfully crisp taco. It was good enough to bring me back.

                      On my second through most recent visits I've ordered the seared ahi tuna dinner. The tuna is seasoned or marinated in what I assume is Teriyaki with salt and pepper. The outside is warm, the inside is just a tad warmer than cool. It's sliced so thin, it melts in your mouth while still managing to be really rich. It's served with veggies which are fine, but nothing special.

                      I'm sure there is a bread basket and I vaguely remember somebody commenting on how good it was, but the Bang Bang Shrimp is a generous size, so I've never tried it.

                      The standout dish from my dining companions were whatever fish they chose prepared "Oscar style". It's not always on the menu, but I've never heard a waiter turn down the order. Oscar style is fish prepared either broiled or grilled (another guess) topped with a sauce made of lump crab, asparagus and lemon butter.

                      Bonefish is always loud, crowded and a tad expensive, but the negatives have never deterred me. Definitely worth it. One time the wait was so long on a Saturday night, my husband and his friend went over to the supermarket across the street, got a few beers, ate appetizers at Pei Wei and joined the rest of the party and we still hadn't been seated.

                      Make sure not to confuse Bonefish with Fishbone's (in Southfield and Detroit) or Tin Fish (at 12 Oaks) or you'll surely be disappointed. I gave up on Fishbone's years ago. Tin Fish is better than Fishbone's, but not so great.

                      1. re: Rosedale

                        Great post, Rosedale. They were offering wolf fish oscar style as a special last Wed.

                        1. re: Rosedale

                          Right on! Intriguing info. Thank you. I'll check it out (with apologies for hijacking Rheta thread...). Cheers.

                          1. re: VTB

                            FYI: I've been to Bonefish Grill a half dozen times here in Des Moines (though not the one in Detroit) and I can vouch for the grilled grouper w/the chimichurri sauce. Get the sauce on the side though. Very tasty.