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Jan 10, 2011 04:31 PM

Ocean City MD in winter

We'll be in Ocean City in February (go figure). What's open that's worth trying?

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  1. I saw your post earlier and was hoping you would get some responses by now. Here in Lewes and Rehoboth there are so many dining choices this time of year but I am not sure about Ocean City. I have seen Ocean City discussions on the DC board though so be sure to search over there.
    Anyway dcbbq, I do know that Bluecoast on the highway in Bethany is always good for fresh seafood, and the view is nice. They are definitely open all year but their hours and days may be more limited. I think it would be worth the short drive from OC.
    Twice I have had great meals with friends at a Mexican restaurant over there called Cactus Cafe. I think this is a very popular restaurant with locals. They serve a margarita made with white wine that is absolutely delicious.
    I enjoy Berlin so much and the restaurant in The Atlantic Hotel.
    My friends tell me all the restaurants around the commercial marina off of Country Club Road are good.

    Atlantic Hotel
    2 N Main St, Berlin, MD 21811

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        You are welcome.
        Let me mention something else, dcbbq.
        My husband and I have long talked about making that drive just to give Seacrets a try. Recently a group of men who were in town for awhile working with him discovered that place and went back regularly. They talked about the great food, the great prices, the great drinks and the great atmosphere. We were surprised because we thought it was just another cheesy tourist trap. If you do a search here you will find many Chowhounds also like Seacrets.

        49th Bay, Ocean City, MD 21842

    1. My favorite in OC during the winter or anytime is Liquid Assets on 94th. Always a fun atmosphere and great food. in the same strip mall, the Lombardi's and the other bar there have good casual food. In West Ocean City, try The Shark or the restaurants at Sunset Marina.

      I do NOT recommend Seacrets - it is a nightclub/beach bar - do not go for the food.

      Liquid Assets
      9301 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842

      49th Bay, Ocean City, MD 21842

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      1. re: Tarman

        Also Mickey Fin's in West Ocean City.

        Mickey Fins
        12952 Inlet Isle Ln, Ocean City, MD 21842

      2. These would be my faves in Ocean City...
        Liquid Assests - 94th street
        Jules - 118th street
        Captain's Table - 15th Street in the Marriott hotel
        Fager's Island - 60th Street and the bay (go to fine dining upstairs at sunset! the downstairs is okay...burgers/sandwiches etc)
        OC Wasabl for sushi - 33rd street
        Ruth's Chris in West Ocean City

        also Micky Fins in West Ocean City is closed until March

        Have fun!

        1. Many thanks to all. Liquid Assets was great,. the real surprise was Seacrets. I wouldn't go there in the summer, but the food was really good -- good crab cake, really good tuna with cucumber-wasabi sauce, very good side -- and it was half price.

          Liquid Assets
          9301 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842

          49th Bay, Ocean City, MD 21842