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Jan 10, 2011 03:13 PM

Niagra Falls Question

Will be staying in The Falls at the end of the month and was wondering if there are any ethnic or different kind of places? Really anything besides pizza, italian, or steakhouse-type places. Any suggestions at all would be a great help. It will be a Saturday, if that is any help. Thanks in advance.

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  1. We were just in Niagara Falls before New Years. One of the search results was:

    Koutouki Greek Cuisine
    5745 Ferry Street, Niagara Falls - (905) 354-6776

    The food seemed pretty good but the whole family was sick so the taste buds were off. Service was good and the menu had a full choice of greek dishes beyond souvlaki and saganaki.

    1. You should try Copacabana brazilian steakhouse. It's not your typical steakhouse. Its an all you can eat reastuarant. They have a variety of meats on a spit and waiters come around to your table to serve you. They also have a little buffet area with a variety of sides to go with your meats. To end the meal they have grilled cinnamon pineapple, its amazing!

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        Before warned, it's loud.

        They pump the music and have belly dancers on the floor. It's not in an adult way though. You can join in the conga lines, etc.


      2. We were in the Falls between Christmas & New Years. Enjoyed a lovely dinner at AG (The Stirling Inn) Definitely fine dining & priced accordingly. The braised lamb shank was literally "off the hook"