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Jan 10, 2011 02:31 PM

We just got a countertop convection oven, can we get rid of the microwave?

I say yes, the wife disagrees. Considering we don't microwave popcorn, is there anything we CAN'T do with the convection and a little additional time? I'd like the extra pantry space ditching the microwave would give us.

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  1. Microwave is better at thawing stuff. Otherwise, I'd say the microwave is worthless...

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      I use the microwave to steam vegetables and fish and melt chocolate. Don't think the oven could do those.

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        It's true. I also assumed the OP had a stove, but that is a wild assumption.

    2. Microwave still heat up food faster. Try it. Put a cup of water in microwave for 1 min on high vs 1 min in convection oven. If you want to thaw frozen food, reheat last night dinner, make a cup of hot chocolate, melt butter for cookies.... etc, microwave is better and more efficient.

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        More efficient, CK, I'll give you. But better? At it's best, a microwave does those jobs similarly to an oven/stove (with the exception of defrosting). At it's worst, it does a much worse/more uneven job.

        1. re: Indirect Heat

          Indirect Heat,

          I mean a microwave oven is "better" for the mentioned tasks, in term of warming a glass of milk, reheating last night dinner,... etc. I don't mean better in term of cooking, No, no. Thanks for letting me clarify my points.

      2. I would keep the microwave and ditch the countertop convection oven. Or better yet, I would have purchased a combination microwave/convection oven. I saw one recently for sale at a lquidators for $60. I was tempted to buy it because I like the idea of a countertop oven (toaster oven) to use in the summer but I didn't want it bad enough to take up counter space as our current microwave is the over the stove variety.

        1. It depends on how "addicted" your wife is to microwave. I, at some point in life, moved from a microwave-equipped place to no microwave and lived there for several years. Now I have a microwave and of course I will use it, but will not miss it if it's broken.

          Talk to her, see what she uses it for, and go from there.

          1. How often do you use the microwave and what do you use it for?
            Our microwave gets used for cups of tea, popcorn, reheating leftovers, cooking bacon and steaming vegetables. Aside from reheating leftovers, the convection oven couldn't really replace our microwave.