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Ghost Chili in Los Angeles?

I've got a friend who has a major hot pepper jones.

She's now obsessed with trying the infamous Ghost Chili.

Anyone know where I can buy them in Los Angeles?

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  1. Apparently - The Santa Monica Framer's Market - Wednesday (picture #9):


    And possibly other FM's (give MFF a call):


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      The LA Times article says:

      "[McGrath's] employees sold the pods at the Santa Monica market the last two Wednesdays for 25 cents apiece, or five for $1, and plan to offer them there, and possibly at the Hollywood and Beverly Hills markets, for an additional week or two."


      However I suspect your friend saw this article in Friday's Times (and hence the jones), and is looking for more info than that. As JBC said, it's probably best to contact the McGrath Family Farm. I would be surprised if these peppers were available locally from another source.

    2. the spice station in silverlake sells ground ghost pepper and ghost pepper salt - great for rimming a bloody mary glass!

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        I want some of that salt. I was in Silverlake yesterday - darn! I bought a ghost pepper hot sauce at the Monrovia Art Fair (they were also at the Salsa Festival in Oxnard). It is damn hot and damn good! ;-)

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          That might keep her happy until the fresh ones come along. Thanks all!

        2. FWIW, the owner of the now-defunct Buff Wings made his insanity sauce with Ghost Peppers. He said he needed to source them in San Diego.

          Buff Wings
          4411 Eagle Rock Blvd N, Los Angeles, CA 90041

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            sammycakes - buffwings has opened up again. but he doesnt serve wings. at least not at this time. they also remodeled.

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              What are they serving now? Same location? Thanks!

          2. They were at the SaMo FM today. Picked up a handful.

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              I don't think these are as hot as typical bhut jolokia. I've cooked with them a few times now, and although very spicy, they didn't seem that much hotter than an habanero.

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                I'm guessing that bhut jolokia grown in SoCal - even in a hot house - probably wants more heat and a longer day.

            2. I don't know if you want fresh, but Surfas has powdered ones, and something else. I don't remember.

              1. taco asylum (in orange county) has a great ghost chili pork taco (and ghost chili hot sauce)


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                  YUM! I think a roadtrip is in order! That Flight of Eight looks fantastic! Thanks.

                2. Surfas in Culver City has several products with the Ghost Chile in them from a sauce, spice rubs, a Ghost Pepper Grinder to a Ghost Pepper Jam and Sweet Ghost Pepper Ropcorn. Ask any of the employees as Surfas to show you where they are.

                  This time of year you won't find any fresh and the dried pods are getting difficult to find. By the end of summer there should be more available (grown locally) at some of the farmer's markets. They are definitely hotter than the habanero peppers locally grown.