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Jan 10, 2011 01:04 PM

New Restaurants in/by the Senator Theatre

I heard in passing that there will be 2? new restaurants beside/inside the Senator Theatre. I heard one will be a Tapas place and will be ran by the same guy who owns Tapas Teatro...

anyone know anything else about this? What the second restaurant is... When they are opening, etc? I literally know what I listed above and I'm not even sure it is accurate.


Tapas Teatro Cafe
1711 N Charles St Ste A, Baltimore, MD 21201

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  1. I have only read about a crepe place going in there, nothing about a tapas place.

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      1. re: tapas gal

        I only read about the creperie, a tapas place would be great, there isn't one in that area!

      2. re: hon

        Pretty sure the crepe place is gonna be another Sophie's.

        1. re: kukubura

          I'm looking forward to both! I also heard a 5 Guys in opening in Belvedere Square. Some may not be excited regarding that.. but I am! I live in Lauraville and sometimes satisfying my burger craving at Hamilton Tavern is to taxing :)

          Just wish I knew when any of them were opening....

          5 Guys
          6210 Quander Rd, Alexandria, VA 22307

          1. re: tapas gal


            1) The Five Guys is not going to happen, sorry to say. The franchisee decided that there is not enough in & out parking. Probably true. The space they were looking at will become a SunTrust bank. Ceriello's is now offering a great burger - prime beef, might I add, with hand cut fries. Not open late, though.

            2) Senator thing is not looking good either because of this:


            I wish them the best. It's just what the area needs.


      3. Crush has started offering small plates at a restaurant within the restaurant downstairs. Went there recently and it was terrific. Get the six-minute egg. Phenomenal.

        1. Sat out on the patio at the new Belvedere Square Sofi's this unseasonably lovely weekend with the dog! So nice to have a place for lunch where you can bring a well-behaved dog. Hopefully they won't change the policy.