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Jan 10, 2011 12:22 PM

Truly great coffee in Harford or Baltimore Counties?

I have decided to upgrade my coffee drinking. I have been researching the need for a burr grinder and such, and one of the things that has been pressed upon me is the need for FRESHLY ground coffee beans. Does anyone know of a place in Baltimore or Harford Counties where I can experience such a cup, so that I can properly understand what the finished product is supposed to taste like?


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  1. Tastes in coffee, as with food and wine, vary. And there are so many coffee regions, roasts, blends. But the journey will be fun for you. Don't be afraid to try different things, buy 1/4 lb and give it a try. Baltimore Coffee & Tea in Timonium is a place where you can taste freshly ground brewed coffee.

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      Didn't have any luck at this place. They seem to offer a lot of flavored coffees and teas, like almond and peach. The brewed coffee I got there was unremarkable -- maybe similar to a Dunkin Donuts or an IHOP brew. I bought a 1/2 lb. of loose leaf from BC&T too. The tea, though expensive, was of such low quality that I eventually threw it out. Hope it's improved since I visited.

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        I have to be honest that I'm not a fan, either. I am an unashamed Starbucks fan. That said, many people I know rave about BC&T so I passed it along, I am not one of them. My husband is one of the people who likes their coffee, but for tea he prefers Stash brand. If no one has mentioned it, Sidamo in Maple Lawn does have good coffee, I like it and many other Howard Countians are fans also.

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          Mmmmm..,.. good tip. Will have to try Sidamo next time I'm in the neighborhood. I actually tried Spro today based on several recommendations on CH and this discussion, and had a delicious café latte, though it was a little bit on the cool side. This was fine by me, but weird b/c of how seriously the Spro folks seem to take their coffee... It's like a lab in there! Zeke's also takes prep seriously, but they're not so fussy about it. Still, I'm happy Spro is exists because at least they're trying.

    2. Zeke's Coffee? Since they're my favorite coffee, I should not be considered an unbiased source.

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      1. re: Mer_Made

        I second the Zeke's recommendation! My fave too..

        1. re: ReeseRoo81

          I'm also a huge Zeke's fan, and they're really friendly and willing to help you find the coffee that suits you best.

          1. re: JonParker

            Another one for Zeke's! And the shop of Harford Rd is great because they offer coffees brewed in a variety of ways.

            1. re: girleatseverything

              Me too. Seems like a particularly natural choice if you're close by.

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        1. Thanks for all your replies. I will try Baltimore Coffee & Tea.

          1. There's also Coffee Coffee and Shamrock Coffee, both in Bel Air.

            Shamrock Coffee
            22 S Main St, Bel Air, MD 21014