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Jan 10, 2011 11:30 AM

AYCE Malaysian?! Seems a bit desperate of a promo

Just came across this promo from Villa Malaysia (sister resto of Restoran Malaysia). I had tried it out last summer when it first open and was incredibly unimpressed. Anyways, this AYCE promo seems to be the last ditched effort to attract more customers. Has anyone tried it?

Brunch Flyer -

Dinner Flyer -

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  1. Why desperate? Lots of Asian places are using the AYCE business model.

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    1. re: Pincus

      I would normally agree except for the fact that this restaurant was designed to be a higher-end version of its predecessor complete with lounge and bar, a far cry from the usual ayce fare.

    2. It doesn't look desparate to me. I'd expect they can make a profit if they charge $28 for dinner, or $18 for brunch. It looks like a smart thing to do.