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Jan 10, 2011 11:17 AM

Where to find San Marzano tomatoes in Winnipeg?

I'm trying to find San Marzano tomatoes in Winnipeg and I haven't had any luck. Superstore doesn't carry them or at least the one I visited don't. So my question is, are there any Italian specialty stores in Winnipeg that carry San Marzano tomatoes? and has anyone had the good fortunes of finding them in grocery stores?

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  1. First place I'd look (if I still lived in YWG) would be

    950 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

    1. Piazza de Nardi on Taylor and Waverly is the first place I'd look (mostly because it seems cleaner than DeLuca's, and I've found too many expired items on DeLuca's shelves).

      1. Just be careful of some labels - there are "SAN MARZANO TOMATOES", and then there are "SAN MARZANO style TOMATOES" and that "style" is microscopic!

        Not that I could ever tell the difference, but it's pretty scammy if you ask me. They're maybe 10 cents a can cheaper, but still WAY more expensive than the basic Roma's that they are.

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          Vic's market carries them sometimes

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. DeLuca's , diNardi , and Arima's (on Sargent ) ...
            DO NOT buy the ones that DeLuca cans themselves ( in Canada ) ... they are not even close.

            Usually the can says " with Basil " ... The Basil that is canned with them is a big honking leaf that gives brings out a unique flavour in the tomatoes. There is no way you could ever accomplish this taste using spices or sweet basil from your garden.

            They are marketed and hyped ( and expensive ), but there absolutely no equivalent . Do not listen to the guy that says they taste no different than Romas ... As ridiculous as the price is , think of the thousands of dollars saved in airfare ...
            Enjoy !