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Jan 10, 2011 10:41 AM

Food Processor Tips & Tricks — Know Any?

Hi all -

I'm an editor at Men's Journal magazine, and I'm trying to find some cool things people can do with a food processor that they might not have known about otherwise. Could be tasks the average home chef would waste time doing manually. Could be a dish that can be done more easily. Could be anything, really.

It's for an upcoming issue. If we use yours, I'll put a quick thank you with your name on the page.

- jon

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  1. Our Chef, Celine Turenne, likes to make pizza dough in a food processor. She says it works great for dough!

    1. I love to make things with garlic, say aioli, where you start by chopping the garlic by inserting peeled cloves in the feed tube while the motor's running.

      Just making plain mayonnaise in the Cuisinart is a wonderful thing. You control the thickness by how fast you add the oil (the faster you add it, the more loosey-goosey the mayo).

      1. If you are going to use the food processor for various parts of a dish, process the ingredients in order of messiness so you only have to clean the FP once. For example, you're making lasagna with fresh noodles. Make the dough first--remove from FP--slice the mozzarella--remove from FR--whip up the ricotta with parmesan and parsley--then wash. Only 1 washing instead of 3.