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Hand-Held Desserts incl Ice Cream in SF proper & close in

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Hey Folks! I'm visiting SF next week for the Fancy Food show (yay!) and also looking at exploring places around town that are doing inventive things with Ice Cream and/or Desserts. Specially interested in wacky forms, as in hand-held ice cream (popsicles, cookie sandwiches) or cakes, chocolates, pies, tarts that have been adapted to eat on-the-go (like a cake on a stick? anyone do that??).

Thank you very much. Of course, a visit to Bi-Rite and Humphry Slocombe are already on the agenda.


PS staying in Union Square... most places are going to need to be in SF proper, but a visit over to Oakland or Berkeley may be in order if there's enough on that side of the Bay to warrant the trip.

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  1. It's It, forget Rice a Roni this is a real San Francisco treat.

    1. I've got it planned for the near future, but the sorbet sandwiches at Scream Sorbet have been reported to be mighty delish.

      Scream Sorbet
      5030 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

      1. Scream Sorbet is definitely worth a trip to east bay. And nearby is Ici, which also has amazing ice cream sandwiches, plus bonbons and bombes. Lush Gelato does some great unusual flavors, too (but serves it traditionally in a cup or cone).

        Scream Sorbet
        5030 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

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          Yes, definitely go to Scream Sorbet -- they're also at the Thursday Ferry Plaza market, but they have the whole range of flavors and lots of amazing sorbet sandwiches at the shop. Their sorbet is like no sorbet I'd ever had before, and their sandwiches are fantastic.

          Scream Sorbet
          5030 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

        2. Good suggestions for the East Bay. If you are in the neighborhood or have a rental car, Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous ice cream shop is worth considering. No "wacky forms", but a changing menu of well executed ice creams in interesting flavors. Their flavors are generally less fanciful than HS, they are more along the lines of Bi-Rite.

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            Mr. & Mrs. Misc. is easily accessible by public transit, the T streetcar stops a block away.

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              Definitely worth a stop for their homemade cones (that fits the handheld criterion, right?) and slightly different ice cream style. Mr & Mrs uses a lower percentage of milkfat in their product, making an ice cream that it's incredibly easy to eat too much of. The flavor with violets in it is a favorite of mine, as is chocolate.

            2. Delise should be on your list too. I like it slightly more than Humphrey Slocumbe. Excellent small cookies as well as sorbets and ice cream.

              Miette Candy Shop in Hayes Valley makes cotton candy most days.