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Food Processor Tips & Tricks — Know Any?

Hi all -

I'm an editor at Men's Journal magazine, and I'm trying to find some cool things people can do with a food processor that they might not have known about otherwise. Could be tasks the average home chef would waste time doing manually. Could be a dish that can be done more easily. Could be anything, really.

It's for an upcoming issue. If we use yours, I'll put a quick thank you with your name on the page.

- jon

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  1. Two things I make in a food processor, which are much harder by hand, are pie crust and anything that requires an emulsion (mayo or hollandaise).

    1. When chopping garlic, instead of putting the garlic in the bowl and turning on the machine, run the machine and drop the garlic in through the feeding tube. This results in more evenly chopped garlic.

      1. I use my processor to make a simple bread. It's great because the dough can be kept in the fridge and I can pull off a chunk to bake for dinners throughout the week.
        Recipe is 5 ingredients:
        4 Cups all purpose flour
        1 packet Fast Rising Yeast
        1 Tablespoon Salt
        Pinch of sugar
        1.5 Cups of warm water

        Combine all dry ingredients, turn processer on high, slowly add water until the dough forms a ball. Put dough in an lightly oiled bowl to rise in a warm place. When it doubles in size, put it in an oiled ziplock bag and put in the refridgerator.

        1. I learned this on one of Jacques Pepin's shows: after emptying wet ingredients from the processor bowl, put the lid back on and whizz it again for a second. Centrifugal force flings what remains on the blade and bowl bottom to the sides of the bowl, where they are easy to scoop out with a rubber spatula. The blade just needs a swish in soapy water/rinse to clean, greatly reducing the risk of cuts from the sharp edges.

          1. Food processors can be used to quickly shred cheese (with the right feed-tube attachment).
            You can use it to quickly pull together a pie, tart, or biscuit dough. This reduces the amount of time you spend handling the dough, allowing the butter to stay as firm bits which means a wonderful flaky consistency.
            It is also the perfect tool for pureeing vegetables and fruits, mixed with a small amount of prepared formula or breast milk, into homemade baby food.

            1. Hummus is best when made with a food processor. Don't buy it in a store make it yourself. Store bought is nearly $5. I can make at home for around $3 for twice as much. Regarding garlic, I find I can smash or chop garlic faster than getting out the machine and then cleaning it.

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                Same with Pesto. Always make in the FP. Also make my pimento cheese in FP -- as Kimberly said above it is a GREAT quick way to shred cheese!

              2. My husband is the main user of our machine. He has very quickly become a star in making pizza. No doubt a recipe came with your machine. Even if you don't take time to have the dough rise, or just let it rise while preparing the toppings (with the machine of course) it comes out great. He often makes it for lunch, figger how little time it takes. I have become a real lover of the low fat pizzas.
                Another of his favorites is pies, apple pie, pear pie, cherry pie, you name it, he makes it and we all devour it.
                My personal uses are in general less culinairy: grinding dog food for birds, puppies, or to make cheap dog cookies. Making purees for about any animal that temporary or permanently found a home with us. I won't make a dip, or sauce or mole for human consumption without using the foodprocessor though.

                1. I've used my processor for years to make my own lower fat ground beef. Take your favorite cut (I love the flavor of chuck steak). Cut into 1" to 2" chunks. With a sharp knife, trim as much fat as you want to remove. Store it in the freezer for 1/2 to 3/4 hour. Add a few cups of the meat to the bowl and pulse about 10 - 15 times. Remove to a bowl and throw any unground pieces back along with the next batch. It's just so much better that II can't buy pre-grpound meat any more. Just be sure not to freeze for longer than 45 minutes for the best texture

                  1. I've made tofu chocolate mousse in the food processor. It's really good- and very simple.