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Jan 10, 2011 09:09 AM

Valley Green Inn ? Anyone Been lately

I found an article from 2009... the chef du cuisine from Coleman (Ed Hancock) took over as exec chef at Valley Green Inn.
I remember Hancock from Jake's in Manayunk and the Mainland Inn he's a great chef

I was wondering if anyone has been lately? It's such a beautiful setting all year long and I've been thinking about going for either a nice Sunday Brunch or a romantic dinner with the Mister... would love to know what the experience has been recently

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  1. We went with family members for lunch on a beautiful day this past September (had a $100 gift certificate for $69 through RueLaLa). Everyone liked the food - I particularly remember some excellent fries that we all shared - but the setting was the big draw. We sat outside and enjoyed the food, each other, the passersby, and the view.

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      We ate there a few times this summer. There was a pretty long wait, and the staff is not particularly good about keeping track of who was waiting longest for tables. We do like eating outside (with our dog) though.

      The food was fine. Fries, as mentioned, were a standout. Also pretty killer grilled cheese and bacon-cheeseburgers.

    2. Here's a more recent update from Craig LaBan, from this past September:

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        Thanks barryg sounds like Craig had the same experience as phllyjazz with the slow service, but with good food I can overlook some service issues!

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          I agree--slow service I can deal with; bad service only happens once, I don't usually return. This had been a favorite restaurant for many years, altho I have to say we haven't been there in a year or two. Very anxious to revisit soon! Thx for all the positive updates!

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            What I experienced was a very haphazard approach to seating diners at the coveted outdoor tables. A simple "take a number, or paper waiting list would have solved it. As it was, there was no organization, and people who just walked up were seated ahead of other who had waited nearly an hour. That is just bad management.

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              yeah, that sounds around right.
              i'm down there all the time, but not to eat. the folks who work there are nice, but management changes with some frequency (or did for a while, anyway).