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Jan 10, 2011 09:07 AM

Granby, CO

Taking a trip to ski in this vicinity next month-- looking for family friendly, any cuisine, nothing too upscale-- breakfast lunch and dinner. Also good places for takeout after skiing. Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Not a lot in Granby. More options in Winter Park/Fraser area, which isn't all THAT far. In Granby, I like Ian's Mountain Bakery. I've never been to Remington's, but Grand County friends used to go there a lot when their kids were younger. Seven Trails Grille at Solvista/Granby Ranch has a new menu and (I think) a fairly new chef. In Winter Park, Carvers Bakery has been a popular bkfst & lunch place forever, and they serve dinner and offer takeout too. They're known for their good house-baked items. Hernando's is a family-friendly pizza/Italian place. Kids will be fascinated by the thousands of dollars worth of painted/drawn-on dollar bills on the walls -- assuming they're still there. Is this a start? Claire,

    Ian's Mountain Bakery
    358 E Agate Ave, Granby, CO 80446

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      agreed that Winter Park/Fraser/Tabernash will provide lots more options. Don't know much in Granby.

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        You don't know much in Granby because there isn't much to know. In summer, the action is in Grand Lake Village, which is pretty quiet (except for the snowmobiles) in winter. During ski season, Winter Park/Fraser has the most food options.

    2. The best place for breakfast or lunch in Granby is Java Lava Cafe & Coffee Lounge. It's a coffee shop with a kitchen. Mom cooks the food, and Daughter makes the coffee drinks. Menu rotates daily. Good, honest food.

      But if you're willing to drive a little, go to the Fat Cat Cafe in Grand Lake. They have the best breakfast/brunch within 100 miles, including real English style scones.

      Fat Cat Cafe
      916 Grand Ave, Grand Lake, CO 80447

      Java Lava Cafe
      200 W Agate Unit Unit G, Granby, CO 80446

      1. Thanks everyone. Fraser or other option are good too!
        Keep em coming and I promise a report back!

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          It's probably a bit late for MadisonEats, but I just returned from Winter Park. Ate at Hernando's -- and yes, the dollar bills are still all over the place. Every local I talked to recommended the Tabernash Tavern, between Granby and Fraser/Winter Park.