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Jan 10, 2011 08:11 AM

Bermuda...oh brother...more sushi at Plaza Cafe now

So I was looking forward to some Beef Tapsilog from Plaza Cafe (Walker Arcade) over the Xmas holiday but the sign said that they were closed for floor resurfacing. Intriguing. Anyways, finally made it back this weekend and got my fix. Plaza Cafe has now revamped their menu and now includes a kind of DIY noodle bar concept where you choose the protein, soup base, vegetables and type of noodle and other condiments. Prices were in the $15 range for this option. And of course, they have now added sushi to their offerings along with retaining most of their old menu. *sigh*....why?!?!?!

They have added take out steam tables and salads as well inside. I didn't look inside but it looks like the steam table takes up the portion of the space (and it was small inside before!).

I do have to say that the beef was tasty as usual but service was a bit on the extremely slow side. Taking well over half an hour from ordering to get our food and the outside seating was only half full (it was after 2 when we went).

Anyways, hopefully the kitchen and service staff will get back into the swing of things.

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  1. More sushi. Good grief. I thought we had ridden that wave to the beach.

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    1. re: hungryhog

      Yes, just what Hamilton needed, another sushi offering. So let's see...if I do a tally...

      Yashi's, Pearl, Primavera, Cafe 4, L'Oriental, Beluga Bar, Harbourfront and Plaza Cafe

      Yet no decent Chinese or Mexican...or how about a nice Greek place or Mediteranean in general (excl Italian)...

      1. re: bdachow

        And don't forget Specialty Inn :-)

        It's like culinary kudzu.

        Is there a restaurant division of the Chamber of Commerce? I would love to ask some questions, like why are we still in the 90s.

        1. re: Athena

          Oh yeah, I forgot about the outliers...might as well throw Henry VIII in the mix too and Salt Rock Grill and Freeport. Not sure about St. George's end of the island though, has been a long time since I ventured out that way to eat.

          Love the phrase...culinary kudzu...

    2. I think Philip Barnett (Bermuda Restaurants -Latin, Pickled Onion, etc) is head of the Chamber's restaurant division. Yeah, it's about time we had some upgrading. Fact is Bermudians eat what they are comfortable with, it's just that comfort food hasn't moved beyond sushi, mac and cheese, potato salad, and stir fries. Hate to say it, but I am even getting tired of Bolero's menu although it is the only different one in town. Brains! Frogs' legs! Black pudding! St. George's? Stop by the airport to collect your sushi from the Boulevard Cafe. Culinary kudzu is good.

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      1. re: hungryhog

        Oh I haven't eaten at Bolero in a very long time. Interesting about what's on their menu, I may have to take a wander past and try again.

        Rats...completely forgot about the airport sushi.

        1. re: bdachow

          And MarketPlace sushi.... :-D

          Hotels and restaurants really need to understand that this is supposed to be a sophisticated international business centre and start thinking outside the sushi and Italian box.

          1. re: Athena

            Well, I'll settle for actually realizing what sushi is.

            Went to Harbourfront with some US colleagues for dinner, they ordered the crab sushi, yeah, what did they present to the poor fellow? Crabstick. I mean seriously?!?!? For the price you're paying there, they're passing off imitation crabmeat as crab? Ridiculous. I was so embarassed for them.

      2. So I checked it out as well. Sushi aside, the core concept is Middle Eastern. This is being brought to us by the original people behind Cafe Cairo, and rather than eat-in the main drive seems to be take-out. What can really work here is the variety of interesting vegetarian options (the salads; dips; etc) common in this cuisine. The shwarma wrap was good, and the falafels (house made) worth a bite. After 5 they offer 50% off everything -it is sold by weight- so a nice idea for a home graze while getting the Apple TV up and running.

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        1. re: hungryhog

          Good to know the falafel was worth a bite. Ever since I had an amazing falafel in London, I get this craving every so often.

          Although HH, I kind of disagree on the your assessment of the core concept being Middle Eastern as the noodle bar (and sushi) is Asian and the menu runs all over the place, with breakfast, my favourite Tapsilog and all sorts of burgers and pastas and such.

          I would really just prefer a restaurant to do a few things really really well than 6 million things kind of half ass. But that's my thing and not being a restauranteur, I have no idea if being tightly focused would work well in Bermuda.

          1. re: bdachow

            I agree. After all, we're tightly focussed on chicken, peas and rice, potato salad and macaroni and cheese. And maynase.