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Jan 10, 2011 07:52 AM

Substituting frozen spinach for fresh

I know this has likely been asked before, but most searches I've seen ask about substituting the fresh for the frozen, not the other way around.

I have a recipe that calls for 20 ounces of fresh spinach, and I have a 500 gram bag of frozen. Just wondering what will work.

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  1. This is just a wild a** guess, but I would think that 20 ounces of fresh would equal about 150 grams of frozen, weighed after squeezing out the extra water.

    1. When I cooked that amount of fresh spinach I ended up with about 2 cups. If the frozen stuff looks like about that abount you have a more or less equivalent as long as you thaw it and squeeze out the water as smtucker mentioned. Is this a recipe where precision is key?

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        Well, not completely. It's not pureed into anything that might throw the balance of anything off, where things might not set etc. I'm making a spinach pie, kind of like spanakopita.

      2. I just did a simple conversion of 500 grams to cups and it came out 2.175 cups--so I'd say 2 cups is in the ballpark though it's certainly not a perfect equivalence.

        1. Am pleased to say that the recipe worked with the whole 500 gram bag of frozen spinach, which I of course made sure to wring the living daylights out of to get rid of the water.

          Here's the recipe if anyone's interested, it helped me get rid of some phyllo I had hanging out in my freezer longer than I care to remember. I made mine in a bundt pan.