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Jan 10, 2011 07:44 AM

Asian Market near Annapolis

Does anyone know of any Asian Market near Annapolis? Looking for a Super H type, but know that I have to go to Baltimore or DC for one. Any recommendations?

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  1. A bit up Route 2, near the intersection of Route 2 and Mountain Road is one such (or at least it was the last time I went there a few months back). I think the current name is Green Market, or something close to it. You can turn in off of Route 2 at the light just past Mountain Road - the same light that would be the first opportunity to turn left into Marley Station Mall, coming from that direction. While not strictly Asian, it does have the wide range of international products and the sorts of specialty produce one expects from H-mart and the like. As with the strictly Asian markets, the meat and seafood sections are also the source of wid variety and some good bargains.

    I'm sure others will jump in and correct anything I got wrong!

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      The supermarket in Pasadena is called Allgreen. It's large (in a former Giant location), and seems, like H-Mart, to be primarily Korean with other international foods mixed in. Algreen does have a sligthly larger selection of "American product". The produce, seafood, and meat selection have been pretty good and very well priced. I also really like the food from the Korean cafe that they added in the back.

      800 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD

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        I go to the Thai Market in Silver Spring.

      2. I haven't been, but there's a Super Grand Mart in Laurel.