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Jan 10, 2011 07:36 AM

Kasbah - Moroccan in Winthrop

Has anyone been?

59 Putnam St, Winthrop, MA 02152

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  1. I went last winter. It was a Saturday night around 8pm and there was only one other table filled. The food was very tasty though. I had a "Tagine Djaj" which was quite tasty, with ginger, olives and preserved lemons. I had the bastilla for starters and that was pretty tasty as well. Nice flaky crust and a subtle hint of citrus from the orange water.

    They had a belly dancer and the usual entertainment. Over all it was a lot of fun. I would like to go back sometime, but it's not anywhere in my usual haunts and I have to plan to make a special trip there, so I haven't done it yet.

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      I've walked in but never dined. I'm familiar with the cuisine and from the photo gallery, it looks pretty good, very much like Mom's recipes handed down to a son or daughter. There are also some hybrid dishes and things that reach to other areas. I would be apt to try the lamb tangines, previously mentioned Chicken and Olives with Preserved Lemon, Bastilla (Sometimes made with Pigeon in Morocco and there is also a savory Fish version, unfortunately the pictured on in the photo gallery is smothered in Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar.) The kabob skewered Mesheui (just means "meat") could be ok. If they have cooked vegetable salads, those are usually very tasty, such as beets or potato and carrots. Moroccan deep-fried seafood is good, but Calamari isn't really representative of that. The menu also lists Hariilla, which is served during Ramadan in homes, and Chicken Brochette, which done properly, is delectable.

      The decor is seems like a private club or extended family hangout inside a N.E. building, and it seems like a friendly crowd and management. The fabric panels are traditional tent linings, so the rooms have sort of mixed feel between a salon, a tent, and dining room.

      It'd be a nice place for a Chowdown, actually.