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Jan 10, 2011 06:36 AM

Wine Cellar Assistance

I am currently in the market for a bigger wine cellar and was hoping for some feedback.
I am currently looking at the Nfinity model by WE and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this fairly new product. I am also considering models by Avanti and Vinotemp as my budget is around 1500 and hope to store about 150 bottles give or take. I know Eurocave has the chamber model but prefer having a class door. I was hoping for to find a used Eurocave/Sub Zero somewhere but my 2 current smaller units are about to burst. Based on price and appearance, I am leaning towards the Nfinity model. TIA !

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  1. I put the "166 bottle" Avanti in my kitchen and loved it. Maybe not be a Eurocave, but just couldn't justify another. It works plenty well, and is stuffed to the gills. I have anything in there from 1/2 bottles of Cambria pinot noir to Scarecrow, Sine Qua Non, Kistler, Sea Smoke, Kosta Browne, etc. I have no worries longterm aging anything in there, or storing daily drinkers in it. -mJ