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Jan 10, 2011 05:06 AM

Best Chicken Parmigiana Take-Away in Toronto

I'm hosting a themed cocktail party and want to make Chicken Parm Slidders.

I know how time consuming making perfect parmigiana can be, and with everything else I'll be doing. I think I'd rather have my boyfriend pick up some take away and then assemble the Slidders at home.

I pretty much just need the Chicken cutlets themselves not the sandwiches.

Anyone have some suggestions on restaurants or bakeries in the west end, or close to Etobicoke?

Thanks so much!

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  1. I would try the ones at La Rose bakery in Etobicoke and see if you like them.

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      ill second La Rose, they have delicious hot food ready to go. The Veal parmigiana and Chicken are great, as are all the other items they have. Pizza, Sausage, roasted chicken, rice balls, all great. Lots of good bread options, probably one of the best Italian bakeries in the city...

    2. Not a big fan of La Rose Bakery personally.
      My suggestion would be Espresso Bakery on Dundas between Kipling and Islington. In a strip plaza on north side across from post office. BEST chicken parm. The owner Pina is great. She will give you the chicken and can give you the toppings on the side if you ask. I often order from her for dinner parties. Her chicken is nice white meat with perfect breading. Good prices too.

      1. I admit I'm a huge sucker for chicken parm myself, I think I've even asked this exact question before.. IMO any place that has chicken parm or veal parm sitting in a tray ready to go is not ideal because I like crispy breading, so gotta get a place that fries to order.. I like the one from Tony & Jim's in Brampton but that's obviously out of your way. For Etobicoke I've had pretty good food from Thyme 4 on the Queensway, they could definitely accommodate I'm sure. I've had the chicken parm dinner twice there and it was good both times

        I look forward to hearing other peoples suggestsions because I have a soft spot for chicken parm

        Tony & Jim's
        10 Flowertown Ave, Brampton, ON L6X, CA

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          you should really try La Rose, yea the food is sitting in a tray, but the place is always busy the food doesnt stay in the tray long before another order is made up, so its still very fresh and its nice and crisp. Their mushrooms and peppers are good too, but if you ask for either, they will weigh them and charge you based on cost per 100g, so its not just some 50 cents per topping. Either way, its not toooo expensive but its good quality. I was working in the area last fall so Id stop by for lunch and grab whatever, plus an additional chicken parm for later on. Even cold it tastes great!

        2. The original comment has been removed