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Jan 10, 2011 04:37 AM

Finger food and bites purveyor suggestions?

Each year for my birthday party, I used to order a few platters of stuffed breads and Armenia pizzas from Andarra, which I complement with cocktail-appropriate nibbles from Akhavan's frozen section (mini samosas, etc.).

Andarra has closed due to a dispute with the building owner and I don't know if they will reopen anytime soon.

Do you have any suggestions for affordable party bites and other finger foods within striking distance of NDG? The frozen things at Metro and Provigo are just too expensive and just not tasty.

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  1. You can look at cool & simple, on richmond near guy (the whole catalog is available online)

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    1. re: westaust

      It depends on what you want. I usually get lots of stuff from cool and simple for nice dinners. Their desserts are heavenly. However, my husband thinks that many of their savory hors d'ouvres are skimpy on the filling. Also, everything there is more expensive than say Metro or Provigo. They used to have some things that were an amazing deal, but they seem to have less and less of those.

      Since snowpea wants cheap maybe you should look at the Aubut catalogue. The quality there would be similar to grocery store (inferior to quality @ Cool & Simple).

      1. re: hala

        I was thinking the Cool and Simple catalogue looked quite lovely, but beyond what I wanted to spend (great ideas for the bits I will prepare though) to feed 25 people. I will keep an eye on them for smaller parties though.

        I will look into Aubut, and see what they have.

        1. re: TheSnowpea

          Actually, now that I am thinking more about this, I think that Mayrand has more bite type food tghan Aubut. But, for me, it's too far.

    2. Have you ever been to Fressers? I just love their spicy-tuna party sandwiches and they have tons of other goodies, like mini-danishes. Its on Decarie just north of Cote-Ste-Catherine.

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      1. re: kpzoo

        Thanks for that suggestion! I will look into it.

        (BTW I'm once again hiring Andrew The Cake Guy to make my cakes! I think it's going to be his 3rd yearly order from me)

        1. re: TheSnowpea

          Who is this Andrew the Cake Guy?

          1. re: hala

            A fellow in the West Island who bakes cakes at home and delivers them too. Kpzoo recommended him a few years ago and his cakes are quite delish AND affordable. He doesn't do elaborate decorations: he's all about the cake!

            He and I trade a few emails each year, discussing what flavours are inspiring us at the moment, and then delicious cake appears at my birthday party. Andrew takes a lot of the stress of my planning LOL

          2. re: TheSnowpea

            Would you have the number of Andrew The Cake Guy?

        2. We have an Armenian colleague who does a cocktail dinatoire every year for about 50 people with stuff from Adonis, Andalus, and Amal Bohsali.

          1. The Korean/Japanese store across the street has a bunch of frozen dumplings -some made instore some not - and other frozen treats that you might like...

            1. To Snowpea: Is it possible to have the phone or email to contact "Andrew The Cake Guy"? i am looking to buy a birthday cake soon for my husband and I will really want to try this cakes.

              Also, to Hala: Where is Amal Bohsali located?

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              1. re: jojomtl

                Across the street from Adonis' Sauve location:

                1420, Rue Sauve Ouest
                Montreal, QC H4N 1C5
                (514) 920-0999

                1. re: hala

                  Thank you! I went today. They have amazing things...