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Openings 2011

Don't see a thread so starting a new one for 2011.

It looks like 5th Elementt is opening - or shall I say, "reopening" in a new location / previous location of Bangkok Paradise on 506 Queen St. West. There's a groupon deal today for those interested. 70% off ($12 for $40 worth of food). Looks like it's only good for dinner, but they're offering similar prix fixe lunches as they used to - $11.99 for a 3 course meal. I'm curious how they will do in this new location!

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  1. Interesting, I figured the place just went out of business totally. I went there for a meal once in the old location and it was okay but nothing worth going out of my way for. For this discounted price it might be worthwhile trying since there is no expiry date. BTW, for others looking for it, it is on Dealgetters, not on Groupon (I guess that is becoming generic like "Kleenex" :) )...

    1. I was just about to come and post the same thing :) ylsf is right. 5th Elementt was never an "out of the way" dining destination, but served reliably good food. They often offered special 4-course dinners at a heavily discounted price which was a bonus.

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      1. re: LTL

        I hope they manage to build up some consistency. I visited the old location fairly regularly, and had an even mix of fantastic and terrible experiences. It was a bit frustrating not knowing if you're going to get their A-game or D-game on any given night.

      2. The Canadian Pie Company is now open on 198 Queen East.


        Canadian Pie
        1071 Danforth, Toronto, ON M4J1M1, CA

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        1. re: jlunar

          Sure hope they don't sprinkle all of their pies with icing and/or granulated sugar as shown on their home page. One of my greatest pet peeves...

          1. re: Tatai

            I passed by but haven't been in. Hoping for some decent savoury pies!

            1. re: jlunar

              I second the savory pie cravings. N.Americans go nuts over fruit pies but where i come from Savoury pies are king and I have not had 1 decent one since coming to canada :(

            2. re: Tatai

              As I understand it these are the same people who have been at some of the farmer's markets over the last few weeks and were at the Xmas market at the distillery. We bought a couple savory pies to take home and warm up (one mushroom and the second was chicken I think) and I was reasonably impressed.

              No sign of any powdered sugar at the markets...

          2. hold up,is Bankok Paradise gone:(

            I used to love that place, some of the best pad thai in the city!

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              No, I think Bangkok Paradise has shifted down the street to where a Japanese restaurant used to be (I Love Sushi? something like that).

              1. re: ggom1

                A bit of a trek for most chowpeeps, but recently went for dinner to AZUBA indian restaurant, opened about 3 months ago. Its all you can eat, which i dont' usually favour, but was surprised by the selection and quality of food. Its in brampton at dixie and drew..I believe they have an a la carte menu too.

              2. re: jmarcroyal

                you could always try out the pad thai at the new khao san road opening any week now. it's about an 8 minute walk away from bangkok paradise and is run by Nuit and Jeff, formerly of sukhothai.


                1. re: pinstripeprincess

                  I love Nuit and Jeff and I LOVE Thailand but I really wish they didn't call it Khao San Road as it is one of my very least fav places in Thailand. I'm sure the food will be better than what you find on Khao San Road! :-)

                  1. re: JennaBean

                    That's EXACTLY what I thought. Why name it Khao San Road, the street where all the young, white backpackers hang out and eat bad springrolls and banana pancakes??? If you want to really get a feel for Bangkok, food and otherwise, you definitely stay away from Khoa San Road.

                    1. re: acd123

                      maybe because khao san road has a history greater than the white backpackers that don't originate from there? i can't remember exactly why jeff and nuit had wanted that name for a long time but it was a reasonably romantic explanation. should ask when you see them there.

                      1. re: pinstripeprincess

                        I'm sure you're right, and I will definitely ask one of them when I'm there. And perhaps kao san road does have a greater history, but there is no doubt that when someone mentions kao san road today, it evokes an certain image. The image is not of great thai food. There is also no doubt that Nuit (and Jeff) make the BEST Thai food in town.

              3. Just noticed that Pamier Kabob is opening on Spadina, a bit north of Adelaide (I think there was a convenience store/cafe in the spot before, right by the Canada Post outlet). From the few reviews I could find, seems like the food (Brampton location) is pretty decent?

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                  Very excited about this! Heard that as of now it's opened! Will be visiting the Mississauga location for lunch this week, then downtown location (at Spadina) for wknd dinner to compare!


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                    Went to the Mississauga location this past weekend as Bamiyan was too busy and got the chicken and shami kabob dinner. The chicken was tasty and moist but the shami was overly salted and the restaurant smelled liked Windex! :( They even kept the spray bottle in the area where you put your plates and tray when you are finished. My SO even mentioned it to them about the smell. Hoping the downtown location is better!!

                    1. re: sasgirl

                      Actually went to Bamiyan in Markham (14th and Markham, appropriately located) instead of Pamier downtown since they did not have air conditioning working (it felt like being in an oven!). In any case, we enjoyed the Bamiyan in Markham .. it was crowded on a Saturday night though! Great food. Had the half chicken (LOVED THE SPICES) and sultani kebab. I now know I don't like borg kebab.

                2. Does anyone know when Chuck & Co is opening their St Clair West location? It's been papered over for ages. For a burger joint that actually tweets every day, they have no information on this location on their site and their info email address bounced back. I think they need to revisit their social media strategy (and update their basic site).

                  Chuck & Co.
                  126 Atlantic Ave, Toronto, ON M6K, CA

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                  1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                    They're open!

                    I just popped over for lunch. They were very friendly and the burger was good. I was a little disappointed to learn that they don't grind their meat on site and thus, will only cook to medium-well.

                    I'll be back for sure. The Nutella and banana milkshakes sound delicious, and the curry poutine will be interesting. It's great to see more spots opening up along this stretch of St. Clair.

                    1. re: Skeets

                      reminds me that great burger kitchen opened up a second location in the 9 1/2 church street space. haven't been by yet so not sure how they split up the space between wine bar/hanks/gbk. i'm mostly an enthusiast of their poutine, this makes it much more accessible!

                      1. re: pinstripeprincess

                        Really? The only thing keeping me away from Great Burger Kitchen is their inconvenient location. Wow. PSP, whaddaya say about a SLM/GBK combo? The goods would keep while we lunched.

                        Great Burger Kitchen
                        1056 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z8, CA

                        1. re: pinstripeprincess

                          P.S. I think they share the space. When you call Hank's, you call GBK...

                    2. Inigo on Queen West is open now in the spot where Igor Kenk's bike shop used to be. Toronto Life has a little article about it.

                      1. brand spanking new today or yesterday:

                        rodney bowers at gabardine - 372 bay

                        love his stuff... so this is quite exciting to me!

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                        1. re: pinstripeprincess

                          man. I need to process my photos faster. I shot this a couple weeks ago and kept meaning to post about it. Here's what it looks like (with the papers up)!

                          This is at Bay and Richmond.

                          1. re: jlunar

                            I wound up here tonight with a friend for dinner and I really wish this place had been around when I was working in the area. I couldn't tell that they had just opened - the place was at least half-full, maybe a bit more, service was good and the food and drinks were really good. I tried the salt cod cakes, burger, mac and cheese and ice cream sandwich - happy tummy across the board. And I really liked the El Diablo cocktail. The space is nice too, it feels quite cosy inside. Only negative I can think of is that it got pretty noisy for a while, so that may bother some people.

                            1. re: ggom1

                              what time were you there? a group of us had a dinner reservation and i didn't find it exceptionally noisy, but we were tucked away a little bit and that could have been why.

                              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                                LOL I just read the review from your dinner. We got there a bit after 6pm and left a bit after 8pm. Which table were you at? My friend and I were pretty much in the middle, along the south (?) wall.

                                1. re: ggom1

                                  we were the table in the niche on the north side, all ladies. if i remember correctly, one of you is blond? otherwise the table turned over before i looked around too much. we were there from 7-9.

                        2. I hear the former Kathy's Kitchen in Bloordale is being turned into a restaurant by two sous chefs - one from Libretto and the other from Delux. Supposed to open in February.

                          92 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J2Z4, CA

                          1. For craft beer lovers, Stout Irish Pub just opened in Cabbagetown. Chef is Yehuda Goldberg who recently did a stint at Michelin-starred Le Bistrot de Lyon and Toronto's 398West. He seems talented but doesn't stay in any one place for very long.

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                            1. re: toveggiegirl

                              Checking his profile on chefdb, he's moved around about as much as Greg Couillard would. But maybe he's just getting some varied experiance since he has only been out of school a few years.

                              1. re: toveggiegirl

                                There's nothing on the Stout Irish Pub menu that even remotely distinguishes it as Irish. This is just another boring pub menu of the same, the same, the same. Nice high prices though. Pass!

                                I note that Goldberg is listed as the executive chef. Let me know if he's ever sighted there in his whites or at all for that matter, This is a marketing concept, not a labour of love.

                              2. I walked by today and found out that Earls is opening on Feb. 12th at 150 King St. W. (@ University). So excited to have a favorite BC chain heading out this way like Milestones did. I know there are a couple of other Earls in Ontario but this will be a first downtown!

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                                1. re: bluefirefly

                                  I remember really liking Earls when I was 10 or 12, but I haven't had it since. I hope to god it's better than Milestones.

                                  1. re: piccola

                                    "I hope to god it's better than Milestones."

                                    That is a low bar :)

                                    I am looking forward to trying Stout Irish Pub

                                    1. re: CocoaChanel

                                      Yeah, I know. :) But I've got friends who adore Milestones and that kind of restaurant, so if I can get even a minor improvement...

                                      1. re: piccola

                                        IMHO the Earl's at Square One in Mississauga is at least one big step up from Milestones.

                                    2. re: piccola

                                      Is this the same chain as the (not very good) Earls that used to be at College & University?

                                      1. re: toveggiegirl

                                        No, that was Erl's (without the 'a'), erl being an electrical term, so it was a play on the fact that it was in the Ontario Hydro building.

                                        I worked next door for many years, and went there for a few office lunches - agree that it was never very good. Would rather eat in the Swiss Chalet that's in the space now.

                                        1. re: gregclow

                                          Thanks for clarifying. That is one restaurant I don't miss. Service wasn't great either. Much too slow for a weekday lunch.

                                        2. re: toveggiegirl

                                          Some of the Earls locations are more nightclub than restaurant and these one's are usually branded as "Earls Tin Palace", early in the chain's history in the 80's there was a "Earls Tin Palace" location on Eglinton E near Yonge.

                                          As far as I know the erls at College and University had nothing to do with Earls, but they did have a kind of similar look and feel to their branding.

                                    3. posted on TL Daily Dish so i imagine a number of you have already seen this, but snack bar in the former johnny banana space


                                      1. I posted about the closing of Cinq 01 (according to their twitter site) under the closings thread. They have a new restaurant in place - Briscola Trattoria, which is opening soon (Feb 18th). The website doesn't have much on it so far apart from that. (www.briscola.ca).

                                        1. Saw this article linked from TasteTo to Postcity Magazine:


                                          Boehmer is opening up a gastropub in the old Oh Boy Burger. Turns out he was a co-owner of the old restaurant (although, sounds like not from the start). Anyway, should be more interesting than Oh Boy Burger. Was wondering how it closed down in less than a year, but, this change makes sense since there are so many burger joints in that area alone.

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                                          1. re: ylsf

                                            Noticed the Queen street location of Boehmer is now open. Saw it a week or so ago when in the area.

                                            1. re: ylsf

                                              For posterity: The Bohemian Gastropub

                                              The Bohemian Gastropub
                                              571 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6, CA

                                              1. re: jlunar

                                                After my dinner there on Saturday I would say it will be one of the first hitting the "closed 2012" ... details soon...

                                          2. A new location of Iqbal Kebab has opened at 105 Parkway Forest Drive.

                                            Iqbal Kebab
                                            2 Thorncliffe Park Dr, Toronto, ON M4H, CA

                                            1. Walked by the Bay/Adelaide building (333 Bay St.) this morning and saw they finally unwrapped the papers off the glass... to reveal a second location of Blowfish! Looks like they are about ready to open in the next week or so. Furniture and fixtures appear to be almost ready to go.

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                                              1. re: bluefirefly

                                                Just had lunch there. Service and food were both great. A couple of very pretty rolls. Very nice looking space. It was quiet at noon but filled up somewhat. Not sure what the traffic will be like there as it's a little hidden.

                                              2. The Kokkino space on the Danforth has active construction and a new sign proclaiming that a gelato shop is coming soon.

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                                                1. re: bytepusher

                                                  It is supposed to be the 2nd location for Dolce Gelato. Surprised that they appear to be popular enough to garner another spot.

                                                  Never really liked their product or service.

                                                  Dolce Gelato
                                                  679A College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B9, CA

                                                  1. re: bytepusher

                                                    They are open as I just discovered last night. The servers are much nicer here and their product is about the same as the other location. The pink grapefruit must have been a bad batch and I was a bit shocked they would still serve it. It was of a piecemeal consistency instead of the smooth creamy texture. It still tasted good but disappointed in the presentation. I will still go there for sheer convenience but I will go to other places if I want the really good stuff.

                                                    1. re: geekwithspatula

                                                      I dropped into Dolce last week just to have a look. It looks like a nice place and is convenient for me, but the gelato prices seem quite a bit higher than at San Remo Bakery. (I try to go to SRB every week for apple fritters and bread) Has anyone comapred the products from these to spots? How does it compare?

                                                  2. Daiters at 3535 Bathurst St. just opened a cafe in their store. IMHO They make the most amazing dairy and vegetarian paninis and wraps. Fresh salads with homemade dressings. Yummy soups. Very reasonably priced.

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                                                    1. re: jaimydan

                                                      I saw something under contruction there a few weeks ago but didn't have any idea what is was. Thanks for the heads up.

                                                    2. Bakerbots, a small bakery on Delaware just north of Bloor, will be opening to the public in the next few weeks. The owner makes all kinds of delicious cakes, cookies, macarons, etc. She currently just makes special orders, but has been busily turning her workshop into a shop. I hear that there will also be Greg's ice cream available.

                                                      1. BARQUE on Roncesvalle- I posted another post about this place but I can't stress it enough. 2 words-Gourmet BBQ

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                                                        1. re: corywoulds

                                                          The Combine Eatery on the Danforth is apparently open now. Must check it out!!!

                                                          1. re: millygirl

                                                            As of last week, they didn't appear to have a chef so maybe you should wait a bit.


                                                            1. re: foodyDudey

                                                              In fact I don't think they've opened up yet. I drove by yesterday and it was all papered up still. But I could have sworn I read here on Chow that they were open for business as far back as 2 weeks ago? Oh well, sorry for the confusion.

                                                        2. Falasca SPQR has opened on Yonge St.

                                                          For those of you who remember original proprietor of Il Gelatarie on Mt. Pleasant, he has since opened a new gelato location on Yonge, .Gelato Simply Italian. (Millygirl, I know that you remember Alessandro).

                                                          He has now opened Falasca directly across the street from .Gelato Simply Italian. And it looks to be a great addition to the strip.

                                                          For a review, have a look here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/785222

                                                          2057 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2A2, CA

                                                          1. It looks like there is some activity on the north-west corner of the RBC Centre on Wellington street. Does anyone know if this is going to be a restaurant and have any additional information?

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                                                            1. re: Skeets

                                                              I took a closer look when I was at work today.

                                                              Apparently, the place is called "The Shore Club" (http://www.theshoreclub.ca) with the tagline "Seafood Steak Cocktails". They have two locations already (Vancouver and Ottawa). The menu doesn't look too bad. I welcome another spot to grab drinks and something to eat after work.

                                                            2. Fishbar on Ossington has now opened. Had a lovely meal there on Friday!

                                                              A bit of a discussion here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/786124

                                                              1. Was walking along King St today and saw a green pass sign for SOMA around Spadina on the south side. I think the address is 443 King West. I haven't googled it yet so not sure on more details. Anyone have more info?

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                                                                1. re: ylsf

                                                                  Yes, as of January (at least) they were hoping to open 'SOMA west' this spring. And you're right, the address is 443 King W. Exciting news!

                                                                  1. re: ylsf

                                                                    Just that it's SOMA and it should be opening... soon. If they have a sign, that's more than they had last week! It was just the URL of the design firm doing up the space in the window or something like that.

                                                                    SOON!!! (I hope)

                                                                    1. re: jlunar

                                                                      Soma is deliciously open now. They said they'll be increasing the variety over time but there's already a good amount to choose from - gelato is available too. Not sure when they'll start the cafe. Forgot to ask what the hours will be - does anyone know? Today is a half-day, they said it's the soft opening period right now.

                                                                      1. re: ggom1

                                                                        I forgot to mention here - there were free chocolate shooters today from 12-4!

                                                                        1. re: ggom1

                                                                          oh great! I will be down in that area again this weekend for Luminato and I might just swing by. I wonder if their normal hours will be longer than the Distillery District location. I would be nice to grab a hot chocolate later at night.... If anyone does find out hours please do post.

                                                                          1. re: ylsf

                                                                            according to their twitter:

                                                                            "King St. Soft opening all week Mon-Sat 11-7pm. Still giving out chocolate shots all week."


                                                                            "To all you King Street peeps. Any advice on what our regular hours should be? We were thinking 8-7pm Thoughts?"

                                                                            HMN... must visit, possibly on Thursday of this week...

                                                                            1. re: jlunar

                                                                              Noticed a new spot on Church next to Church St. Diner (north of Wellesley, east side) called Smith. Menu consists of southern fried chicken, lamb shank, pork tenderloin and halibut (prices range from $17-$26). Daily special and apps and dessert. Anyone tried it?

                                                                              1. re: MargieEv

                                                                                apparently it is the sames owners as the previous nightclub 'straight'. serving dinner at 7pm and then reverting back to a bar at 9:30

                                                                                1. re: ingloriouseater

                                                                                  You mean the bar that was there about 1999? Fireplace, less than pristine couch and chairs? Mostly martinis? What was the name of that place?

                                                                                  1. re: MargieEv

                                                                                    i don't remember that far back, but most recently is was 'straight' which was a gay bar/dance club.

                                                                                    the following link is/was their site and now advertised 'smith' as opening soon....


                                                                                2. re: jlunar

                                                                                  I picked up one of those shots of pure joy on Tuesday. Also got some of the blueberry basil sorbet, which was balanced and delicious.

                                                                                  Is it wrong to suggest they open at 7:30 just for me??

                                                                        2. Summerhill Market North opened today in the old location of Sherwood market. Nice to see that, as part of the sale, they are continuing with many of the staff who worked there previously. As of a few minutes ago, they are still moving in things while people shop. No butcher, but nicely packaged burgs, steaks, etc, as well as a decent selection of the prepared foods, which I think are some of the best in the city.

                                                                          Summerhill Market
                                                                          446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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                                                                          1. re: Snarf

                                                                            Really? That makes me SO happy! I love Summerhill Market, but it's not particularly convenient to get to from the north end of the city. Thanks for the news.

                                                                            Summerhill Market
                                                                            446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

                                                                          2. La Societe Bistro on Bloor St. which replaced Dynasty has been open now about 10 days. Have written up a small blurb on it in a separate thread.

                                                                            1. Joey appears to be open now at the Dundas St side of Eaton Centre. Western Canadian chain with prices (and menu) to rival Milestones and Baton Rouge in the neighbourhood -- curious to know if their food is any better.

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                                                                              1. re: caviartothegeneral

                                                                                Joey's Don Mills is discussed here:

                                                                                I doubt downtown will be much different. Someone said it's "Moxie's by a different name" and I'd agree with that.

                                                                                1. re: caviartothegeneral

                                                                                  I really like this place. The burger was griddled and really delicious; the lobster grilled cheese was really good. Good service, drinks were really good. Best choice for that corner.

                                                                                2. Haven't made it inside yet, but Bannock is officially open.

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                                                                                    1. re: bringonthelbs

                                                                                      Toronto Life: "Our Introducing series explores newly opened restaurants, bars and shops throughout the GTA. This is not a review."

                                                                                  1. geoff kitt (mercer street, yyz, pastis express, inn at creemore) is opening a place called the westerly on roncy near howard park sometime before the end of the year.

                                                                                    3 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: smartygirl

                                                                                      would that be ace? or in the old rain or abstract tree loation across from the revue? more details please

                                                                                        1. re: smartygirl

                                                                                          i saw that the for sale sign was off the window and wondered if someone had taken the space....

                                                                                    2. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but Piola (an international pizza chain with generally positive reviews) is opening its first Canadian location in Parkdale in December 5th. I look forward to trying it out!


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                                                                                      1. re: Manybears

                                                                                        not quite parkdale....you have actually cross the dufferin bridge to get to the darkside but an intersting article none the less....

                                                                                        1. re: Manybears

                                                                                          I saw that mentioned in The Grid or NOW this week... Looks interesting....

                                                                                          1. re: ylsf

                                                                                            Just saw a sign that the space where Chuck & Co. was residing on St. Clair is becoming a "Pizza e Pazi" soon. I liked my only experience at the other location further west on St. Clair - hope it sticks (though the area is becoming saturated with italian joints)

                                                                                            1. re: glickjor

                                                                                              Great!! I loved Pizza e Pazi. Am very excited. It would be great to get some decent reasonably priced food with a funky atmosphere....

                                                                                              1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                                                                                                Interesting - as Vanni's also does pizza and pasta pretty well. I'm wondering if this will improve or kill business?

                                                                                                1. re: MeMeMe

                                                                                                  I think there is such pent-up demand for a funky restaurant with decent food over here that Vanni's will probably be fine (of course, my experience there was very bad - one of the most disappointing meals I have had in Toronto). Hopefully it will set the scene for more new restos to open up.

                                                                                                  1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                                                                                                    The one time we ate there the food was pretty good - it was the ambiance that was a little confused. I'm glad a good pizza place is moving in - usually we go to Banfi for our pizzas but it's always jammed.

                                                                                                    1. re: MeMeMe

                                                                                                      Love Banfi! I also like Ferro's pizza but don't like the atmosphere there either. Pizza e Pazi was great when we tried it at the Dufferin location - it's the same deal as Libretto. We did takeout though - pizza had flavourful crust and rich toppings but it was actually a little soggy when we got it home. I find Libretto's pizza crust is like that as well....

                                                                                        2. Rally Sport Bar & Smokehouse seems pretty close to opening. It's located on O'Connor south of Eglinton in the space formerly occupied by the ill-conceived Rock 'N' Roll Heaven 2.0.

                                                                                          Why do I care?

                                                                                          Now that the restaurant that dare not speak its name has closed (and let that be a lesson to potential spammers out there. Ain't worth it), I'm hoping the people behind Rally take the Smokehouse part seriously. Took a peak through the couple of windows you can see through. The bar area looks great. Fingers crossed.


                                                                                          Rally Sports Bar & Smokehouse
                                                                                          1660 O'Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4A 2R4, CA

                                                                                          1 Reply
                                                                                          1. re: Googs

                                                                                            wow. 7000 square feet seems huge! Looking forward to reports on this. Seems promising! Definitely hope they knock out some quality bbq!

                                                                                          2. Banh Mi Boys has opened on Queen, slightly west of Spadina. A few doors past the McDonalds, where a shawarma place used to be. I think that Banh Mi Boys was at the downtown T&T night market? They have Korean tacos on the menu (website is pretty blank but their twitter seems to be updated frequently).

                                                                                            4 Replies
                                                                                            1. re: ggom1

                                                                                              I went last Thursday and thought the basic banh mi was pretty good. It's $5 though, so don't expect your $2 sub XD Need to try other things too.

                                                                                              1. re: ggom1

                                                                                                Looks good! See one of the regular twitter folks gave it glowing reviews. Anyone on CH try it yet? Maybe deserves its own thread. Can totally see demand for this type of product here .

                                                                                                1. re: ylsf

                                                                                                  Why? There's a half dozen spots selling the same thing at half the price three blocks north?

                                                                                                  1. re: iMarilyn

                                                                                                    Which places in a casual environment? There was a "korean taco" thread here and I don't think anyone posted anything except for the Jangbar place...

                                                                                                    To clarify, I was talking about the korean tacos part of their menu. Not the sandwiches.. If you went by just the restaurant name I could see why you posted that now. If you are referring to the korean tacos please let me know the other places.