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Jan 10, 2011 01:20 AM

craving danish


Hi there!
I left Montreal several years ago, and craving danish from Montreal Kosher Quality Bakery - it's hard to buy in bulk on a visit and freeze them - loses the taste - so I'm trying to figure out how to bake them myself.
Anyone know the recipe, or is it possible to get it from there?
See post at for responses/additional query.

  1. tall order. montreal kosher uses industrial ingredients in an industrial setting, which two factors alone contribute to a very specific taste that's almost impossible to replicate. also, danish is so labour intensive. why not look around your area for a reasonable facsimile, and then indulge to your heart's content when you come for a visit? some some real beauties at the café in the atrium of the JGH today, so I feel you...

    1. I don't have a recipe for you but here is a really great video on making danish.
      If you're serious about making your own it's nice to see a pro baker in action.
      10 years ago the techniques you could only learn after a horrid apprenticeship but thanks to youtube and the internet they are yours for the looking.