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Jan 9, 2011 09:39 PM

Any cooking classes that are under $100 and excellent in Queens?

Would like to get a present for someone that I think would enjoy a class on fish preparation, but
they are not a beginner, so I would like something with some level of difficulty to it. Any suggestions
other than the Manhattan suspects...I see Brooklyn kitchen has some things, but Mondays are not a good day, and they seem to have the ones that seemed relevant on those days...and well, I don't want
to make parking an issue for him--so would prefer something in Queens or even Long Island. Looked on La Sur Table site in Manhasset, but they seem sort of eh, and pretty pricey...


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  1. I don't think there is anything like that in Queens - there are no culinary schools or kitchen stores like Brooklyn Kitchen. I thought about Whole Foods but none of the LI locations offer classes so unless you can relax your criteria for location, Sur La Table is likely your only bet.

    There are so many options in Manhattan to pick from so if you're set on this present, it makes much more sense to send him there.

    Brooklyn Kitchen
    616 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211