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Jan 9, 2011 07:52 PM

Boston Glove article about BJ's CEO

Interesting article in today's Boston Sunday Glove about Bj's CEO and her turnaround of the company.

IMHO, it's a tired Costco wannabe with some targeted loss leaders and some nicely packaged, over-priced cheap foods.

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  1. I shop at BJ's because they are convenient to me but with any luck we wil have a Costco in a year or two and I will rethink my membership at BJ's. The thing that amazes me about BJ's is that they have tried many times to compete with Costco's bakery, and always fail.

    1. I tried the membership, couldn't even save on gas as most local stations always beat their prices by several cents and the warehouse prices were no deal as well. When I travel, Costco's are usually convienent and their gas is always at least .05 better than the cheapest gas around the area.

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        We don't have a BJ's gas station locally, but I did search one out while visiting relatives in Rhode Island and was underwhelmed at the "savings".

        Bill, like you I keep my membership because it's very close to my home, with Costco a longer drive, but I'm increasingly feeling abused. Like Treb, I mostly find supermarket sale prices to be superior.

      2. I used to work near a BJs and regularly saved 10 cents or more/gallon on gas. At the time I was driving 40 miles each way to work so my membership more than paid for itself.

        These days I still get gas there but my commute is shorter so I don't buy as much. They are always cheaper on meats I regularly buy, beating grocery store sales in my area: boneless/skinless chicken thighs and breasts, natural ground beef, and pork shoulder (I make my own sausage). Their 10 lb sack of King Arthur flour costs $1 more than a 5 lb. bag in the grocery store. I bake bread so that is a huge savings for me. Other always-cheaper items include nuts of all kinds, batteries, replacement heads for my Sonicare toothbrush...

        I used to be a Costco member but ditched them. Why, you ask? Because every time I found an item I like there they would discontinue it. My husband and I now use Costco as a verb when a place discontinues an item. e.g. They Costco'ed us!

        I don't buy processed junk so I strictly use BJs for meats, vegetables, fruits, and the occasional paper towel sale.

        1. I prefer BJs to either Costco or Sam's Club because they sell more food items in smaller sizes, which is handy for a two-person household, and their per-unit prices on the items I buy are consistently cheaper than the local supermarkets. And since there is one literally a couple hundred yards from one of my primary markets, it's no problem whatsoever to go there.

          I save more than the cost of our yearly membership just by buying one item: the BJs generic version of Claritin is less than $12 for 300 tablets, which is about 1/4th the price I used to pay. Add in other bargains like a 50-pound bag of Tidy Cat litter for $7 (handy for three-cat household) and a flat of 48 cans of the only food the cats will eat for $14--as opposed to 75 cents a can at the supermarket--and I think a BJs membership is an absolute steal, especially with the unbeatable convenience of the new Waltham location.