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How are the noodle soups at Xi'an Foods?

Been going to Xi'an Foods for a while and have loved everything I've gotten there: burgers, liang pi noodles, cumin lamb noodles. etc. But I've never tried any of their noodle soups, how are they? Is say, the cumin lamb noodles in soup on par with the cumin lamb noodles on their own? I'd hate to have such a great noodle dish hurt by a so-so broth.

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  1. When I had it a few years ago, the lamb noodle soup was ridiculously good with a powerful broth - better than the version at the upstairs lamb noodle specialist, I thought.

    1. Cumin lamb noodle soup: outstanding. Hard to imagine many things better on a day like today.

        1. The yangrou paomo is only eh. Henan Fengwei does a much better rendition, though it may have already disappeared from the menu.

          Their cumin lamb noodle soup (as noted already) and their biang biang mien with lamb are both very good though. I don't know why their lamb paomo soup doesn't come together at all.

          1. Good to hear the noodle soup measures up - so the broth in the pork and spicy beef noodles soups is pretty much the same as the broth in the cumin lamb noodle soup?

            1. Hit Flushing for a quick lunch today and had the cumin lamb noodles in soup. It didn't disappoint, the chili oil and cumin from the lamb noodles melded beautifully with the broth. Made me feel warmer the rest of the afternoon.

              On another note, has anyone had the lesser-talked about dishes - spicy and tingly beef noodles, Mount Qi vegetable noodles, pork zha jiang noodles, etc.? How do they measure up to the cumin lamb noodles, liang pi noodles, etc.?

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                From the dishes you have mentioned, I have only had the spicy and tingly beef noodles and Mount Qi vegetable noodles. I liked it, but preferred the cumin lamb noodles because it had a stronger flavor. It's kind of hard to compare those dishes to the liang pi noodles because liang pi is cold while the other dishes are hot.

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                  yah i agree with miss needle, ive had both and id agree with her assessment

                  also, the lamb face salad is awesome (as a somewhat less mentioned dish)

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                    I will make sure I try the lamb face salad soon!

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                  I was in same boat as you -- always eating cumin lamb -- and tried Mt Q pork last time. Perfectly good but not really comparable to the lamb.

                  I do like the tiger vegetable salad b/w one of the lamb options.

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                    I'll definitely second the tiger vegetable salad

                3. I have had every single dish they make. This is a first time saying this for me. Every dish is at least good, and most great. I got to the point that I kept a list so I could try something new each time I visited.

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                    Tried the spicy and tingly beef noodles today. While the cumin lamb noodles reign supreme, the beef noodles were good - tasty, stewed chunks of beef. The noodles were doused liberally - very liberally - in chili oil, as well as some chili flakes.