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Jan 9, 2011 06:50 PM

Good cheap snack/restaurant recommendations?

I'm looking for a well... like the title says a good snack/restaurant to bring my sick girlfriend to eat :) not too expensive as we don't want to spend too much (nothing over 25$ for the both of us) and we already know boustan... anything else? thank you in advance for your replies.

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  1. What neighborhood?
    You can eat/snack for under $25.00 for the two of you in just about any food court in the malls of Montreal too.
    Give us some more details on what you like don't like.
    Hope your GF gets better soon.

    1. 2 chicken roti from caraibe delite on avenue de parc. It is a chicken mild curry stew inside a crepe kind of thing. I could eat these every day!

      1. Torte Australienne on Parc and Mount Royal. Addictive snacks and really not that expensive.

        1. Well basically we are pretty open to any sort of food as long as it doesn't include cheese. ANything within a walking distant of Metro Peel, Mcgill, Guy-Concordia would be nice :) Thank you for your quick replies! I'll try them! May I have more?

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            Check out any reference on this board to Chinatown 2, the Guy-Concordia area has some inexpensive and very good asian places: Cuisine Szechuan, Qing Hua Dumpling and Maison du Nord come to mind. I would have recommended Antep Kabab on Maisonneuve, but I read (on this board i think) there was a fire recently, and don't know what the status is.

            3052 Boul De La Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V0H1, CA

            1. re: sweettoothMTL

              fire is solved, the place was up and running a couple days after I had walked by! Thankfully!!!:)

            2. re: Gluttoners

              chicken tikka sandwich in the faubourg is awesome - ask for a fresh naan
              also the new hand pulled ramen noodle in the faubourg is amazing
              al taib salad bar is a good bet
              Ba le on Mackay for vietnamese subs
              Dumplings at various places - won't be hard to find info in the search
              burritoville for bland but strangely satisfying veg burritos
              kiss grill for delicious albeit expensive grilled meats
              gourmet burger/picks/buns for burgers
              oyster shack for fried seafoods
              i personally really like the depanneur beside the ben and jerries at de maisoneuve and crescent for fresh sandwiches and salads
              patisserie harmony in guy concordia metro for delicious savory or sweet baked goods
              there's an arab grill place on st catherine and bishop that makes a succulent charcoal grilled chicken
              panthere vert on mackay before sherbrooke for awesome fallafel
              just walk around
              there are endless options

              1. re: celfie

                :D Thank you for all these suggestions!

            3. There's also a thread here somewhere of best under-$10 meals - you should check that out. (if anyone has the link, please feel free to add it...)

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