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Jan 9, 2011 06:38 PM

Festival Montreal en Lumiere 2011

Just perusing the flyer for the festival and looking to see what strikes the chords of fellow Montreal CHers... any favorites or ones to avoid??

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  1. I'm going to DNA for Elizabeth Falkner. Anne-Sophie Pic would be another of interest.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      Anne-Sophie Pic is already fully booked.

      1. re: jellybelly25

        Suspected as much so to JohnnyGe, look to one of the other tables.

        1. re: wattacetti

          Thanks for the update on Ms. Pic's dinner. Going to try to sign up for Anne Desjardins' event at the Beaver Club and Paul DaSilva at the Samuel de Champlain. Wish me luck!

      2. re: wattacetti

        when is Falkner going to be at DNA? i made a reservation for the Cosentino dinner at DNA. got lucky with that one

        1. re: mtlfoodguy

          Elizabeth Falkner is at DNA on February 24th at 6PM. Good luck!!!

          1. re: mtlfoodguy

            Is the Cosentino dinner still happening? I can find no reference to it anywhere on the festival site nor on DNA's website.

            1. re: rcianci

              Supposed to be 25-Feb-2011 based on what I can find, but doesn't seem to be part of Festival events. Perhaps a call to DNA?

              1. re: wattacetti

                Perhaps it's no longer listed because it no longer fits the Festival theme. Anyway, thanks much. I'll try the phone route.

          2. re: wattacetti

            Can I join some one for Elizabeth Falkner at DNA? My friends don't want to go to multiple nights in the same week :(

          3. Are the menus available online? Before booking I want to know what I am getting but the info on their website is worse than scant.

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            1. re: nextguy

              I don't recall seeing the menus ahead of time in previous years. I've always gone by research on the particular invitee to see if he/she is of any interest.

              Falkner is a bit different as I know her chef de cuisine (that and that I like DNA).

              1. re: nextguy

                I believe when you call up for reservations, you might get more info on what the game plan is going to be. Otherwise, you are going on chef's reputation as Wattacetti mentioned. Have fun!!!

                1. re: nextguy

                  The chef's reputation is one criteria, I agree with you both, but also consider the restaurant where they will be. My understanding is that the restaurant ultimately decides on the chief, so if you trust and like the restaurant, chances are you'll appreciate the guest chief.

                2. I've booked Barbara Lynch (my favourite chef in Boston and one of the best for me in North America) at Pullman but I'll have to cancel as I'll be abroad for work.

                  Her handmade prune-stuffed gnocchi with foie gras at No. 9 Park in Boston are to die for.

                  Here's the link (you can also click through for the other chefs):

                  1. Friends have booked a group of us at the Anita Lo / Annisa event visiting at Koko Restaurant. She is a remarkable chef who cooks contemporary cuisine with French culinary methods. Her restaurant has been highly rated by the New York Times. I saw her cook on one of the Iron Chef episodes and was very impressed.

                    1. Bump up for this.

                      I am going to be in Montreal the last weekend of February. Last year in one of the office buildings (Place de Desjardins or something? sorry for my butchered spelling) they had various food vendors sampling their items and selling products. I can't seem to find out if this type of event is happening again. Does anyone know?

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                      1. re: ylsf

                        you will have missed it as the event is on this weekend

                        but there are many other events going on til the 27th so you can check out links from above site

                        and although not food related there are lots of free events across the city the last saturday in february

                        1. re: wilmagrace

                          Thanks, yeah, that is the reason I am coming to Montreal. It is a great festival. I have been 3 years in a row, my fourth year this year. In particular I really enjoy the Montreal Nuit Blanche despite the cold!