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Jan 9, 2011 06:13 PM

Storebought Chai Brand favorites?

The cold weather has me craving chai, but not enough to make my own from scratch.

What are people's favorite brands? I favor chais that are heavy on the ginger, or even cayenne--anything that gives the tea plenty of heat even after being steeped min mild.

I recently had a mug of "dirty chai" at Trouble Coffee in San Francisco: Chai with a shot of espresso. I'm not a huge fan of the combination, but their ginger-packed tea left me wanting more. It really warmed me all the way through on a chilly morning.

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  1. Good Earth. By Far!! I've tried 'em all.

    1. If you want very hot chai, go to an Indian grocery and look for "chai masala". There's a kind I bought that has pepper and ginger high on the ingredient list and is quite fiery. You stir that into whatever tea you choose.

      1. RIght now I'm enjoying Tazo's Chai. It's the pre-mixed kind, comes in a square box. You mix half the chai mix with milk, and then heat. You can add more or less mix, depending on how strong you want it. I keep it at work. It's so easy to heat up in the microwave, and delicious!

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          I like Tazo too (especially because I'm pregnant and they have decaf chai teabags). I find all the premixed ones too sweet, though. I like to take a teabag and heat it in a cup of milk, then add just a few drops of honey. It's not spicy, so you might want to add a little spice to it.

        2. This one is spicy!! It is a spice mix only and you need to get your own tea.

          1. Upton Tea Co sells a decaf Chai Tea with red pepper - very good. Their regular Chai is good too but no heat