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Jan 9, 2011 05:31 PM

Mario Batali pasta sauce

Costso is selling a 2-jar pack (24 oz each) of Mario Batali pasta sauce that is very light and delicious. Sorry I can't remember what I paid for it.

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  1. I bought some when I was there last week. I haven't tried it yet, so good to know it's delicious. I think it was about $8 for the 2 pack.

    1. Limited quantities left at the NW Costco location. I was there tonight and there were probably about nine 2-jar packs left. They were $8.69 for the 2-pack. I agree it is delish!

      1. None left at the Deerfoot Meadows Costco :(

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        1. re: sidepockets

          Yeah, went there too. But hey, they're selling two large tubs of Prego for under 6 bucks. A cheap way to get rid of a couple dozen unwanted guests.

          1. re: Scary Bill

            LOL....or break out the "home made "kit" wine"..............

          2. re: sidepockets

            None left at Beacon Hill Costco either *sigh*.

            1. re: sidepockets

              Full pallet at DFM Costco this past Sunday, the 23.

            2. Edmonton West end Costco had lots and lots and lots of these. They were even taste testing them.

              Taste is indeed light and quality seems to be better than most jarred sauces... I found it a little sweet for my personal taste (not sickeningly sweet like candy, but a little too much cherry tomato sweet). The other person I was with liked it a lot.

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              1. re: anonymoose

                Went to Edmonton North Costco yesterday (which I think is actually west) and bought a couple jars. Great taste!

              2. I was at the Beacon Hill Costco this morning and they had the 2-jar packs in stock.

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                1. re: narloth

                  Chow hounds buying pasta sauce in jars. The irony.

                  1. re: felix the hound

                    Ah, but with a celebrity chef endorsement, don't forget. It's very important.

                    1. re: Leibowitz

                      If a curiosity can be satisfied for a few bucks, why not.

                      1. re: Scary Bill

                        Or, luck out and get a taste test for free. ;)

                        1. re: anonymoose

                          Even better!

                          A buddy of mine used to go to Costco and graze for lunch.