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Jan 9, 2011 05:22 PM

Use for empty vanilla beans?

Just made a recipe that called for the seeds of two vanilla beans. Does anyone have suggestions for ways to use the empty pods? I know vanilla sugar is an option, any other thoughts?

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  1. If you were going to make some kine of custard, I'm sure you could steep them in the milk for a great vanilla flavor. But I vote for the vanilla sugar for long term benefit.

    1. Add them to homemade vanilla extract or make a vanilla bean simple syrup which is lovely drizzled over fruit.

      One thing I have not tried yet is this, vanilla bean infused honey. What a brilliant idea!

      1. you can reuse vanilla beans a few times, the flavor they impart just gets a little weaker each time. when you've had enough of that, *then* stick them in the sugar, or some good dark rum :)

        1. put them in ur sugar and u get vanilla sugar (u can mix it in a mixer if u want)

          1. Put them in 100 proof vodka! Vanilla vodka is wonderful....or concentrate it in small containers and use it as vanilla extract.